Now Hear This: The Weirdest Rap Battles, Vampire Weekend Loses A Member And More!

Now Hear This: The Weirdest Rap Battles, Vampire Weekend Loses A Member And More!

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Beefs are relatively common in the rap world — hell, they’re common in all worlds, really, but at least in the rap world, beefs can create art. And sometimes that art is really weird. This week, B.o.B. came out swinging with “Flatline”…. his target? Neil deGrasse Tyson, over the controversial claim that the planet earth is a sphere.

Yep — B.o.B. is a flat earther, as he made clear on twitter:

But, of course, Dr. Tyson couldn’t let those claims go unanswered, so he put together his own track with the help of his nephew:

But, you know, Dr. Tyson isn’t one to let his nephew fight his own battles, so he went on The Nightly Show to, ahem, drop some science:

So far, B.o.B. hasn’t changed his mind. Perhaps he and fellow Flat-Earther Tila Tequila can get together for some good conspiracy theorizing.

It’s not just B.o.B. and Neil Tyson who are fighting this week — Ghostface Killah and world’s douchebag Martin Shkreli are having a spat too. Ghostface Killah started the dustup by calling Shkreli out on being, you know, terrible. So, maybe Shkreli started it. But either way, Ghostface called Shkreli a “shithead”, and the shithead responded by threatening to erase Ghostface’s tracks from Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, the $2 million Wu-Tang album that Shkreli bought the only copy of, unless:

Shkreli has also talked about how he’s toyed with destroying the album all together. In case it’s not crystal clear that Shkreli’s a troll, he also said in that same interview that he wants to be “the world’s heel”, using the term for a bad-guy wrestler. Here’s the thing though — most heels, in real life, are actually pretty decent guys. That’s why Shkreli will never meet his goal — instead, he’s just an asshole.

Indie rock band Vampire Weekend just lost one of their founding members — guitarist Rostram Batmanglij tweeted an image explaining his departure:

Band frontman Ezra Koenig shared a tribute to him on Instagram:

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