Now Hear This: Killer Mike Feels The Bern, New Bowie, and more!

Now Hear This: Killer Mike Feels The Bern, New Bowie, and more!

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David Bowie is back with a brand new video! The new song, “★” — the title track from his upcoming album — is a sprawling epic, not too far removed from something like “Station To Station”, with the darker electronics from albums like Earthling or 1. Outside. The lyrics of “★” reference Daesh, and the entire thing has an eerie sound to it. , due out in January, will be Bowie’s first album since The Next Day from 2013. Bowie’s said that his influences on the album include Death Grips, Kendrick Lamar and Boards of Canada.

This Monday, Killer Mike of Run the Jewels took Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders to dinner in Atlanta… oh, and he gave a powerful speech at a Sanders rally, too! In his speech introducing the candidate, Mike referenced Martin Luther King, Jr.’s fights against poverty and war, and praised Sanders’ positions on ending the drug war and the Voting Rights Act.

Early ast year, the Wu-Tang Clan announced their new albumOnce Upon A Time in Shaolin. The album is a limited-edition of one — two LPs, housed in a box of engraved silver and nickel, with leather-bound liner notes, featuring 38 tracks over a little more than two hours… and, as of now, it’s off the market. While no details of the final price or the buyer, it’s being reported that the buyer paid “millions” for the album, and the auction house claims it’s the most expensive album ever sold. The album is unlikely to be released again, so if you want to hear it, better start making friends with absurdly rich Wu-Tang fans, and you might get lucky.

This Black Friday, remember that Christmas cheer can come from the unlikeliest of places — like noted grump, recording engineer and musician Steve Albini. In a new editorial for the Huffington Post, Albini encourages people who can to help out families in need. From his piece:

Nineteen years ago, my wife Heather Whinna stopped by the post office on the way home. She found bins there full of letters addressed to Santa Claus, left out by the post office for people to read and answer. Curious, she read a few of the letters and couldn’t believe what she saw.

These weren’t impish requests for toys or a new bike; mostly, they were desperate pleas from heads of households asking for help. It was staggering… They described anguish over their children’s needs, their hunger, their lack of appropriate clothing, school supplies and other basic needs… They described relationships wracked by abuse, the legal system, disease and addiction. They addressed their problems to Santa Claus at the North Pole and sent them by mail into the vacuum of humanity that had left them so desperate.

We encourage you to read the whole thing, and to follow Albini’s example.

Speaking of giving away presents, Foo Fighters just released a new EP for free! Saint Cecilia features five songs recorded in Austin, and comes with a note from Dave Grohl about the Paris attacks. A vinyl version of Saint Cecilia is coming, though that won’t be free. There’s also a link on the EP’s site to donate to help Paris.

One artist has been denied from helping Paris — Morrissey says that Universal Music London nixed his request to re-issue his single “I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris” as a charity release. Universal denies the claims, saying they reached out to Morrissey asking what charity he’d want the proceeds to go to, but hadn’t heard back. Morrissey counter-claims that this is made up and that he’s got a letter proving his story, that his request had been denied for a planned upcoming charity release with current Universal artists only.

In the meantime, you can listen to “I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris” on YouTube, and donate to your favorite charity yourself.

New Music This Week: In Black Friday news, the stoner in your life might like the Heady Nuggs 20 Years After Clouds Taste Metallic, the new vinyl box from the Flaming Lips.

There’s a new collection of old singles from the late B.B. King, Here’s One You Didn’t Know About.

Tiny metal god Danzig has a new album, Skeletons, including covers of songs by Black Sabbath, Elvis Presley and ZZ Top, among others.

Avant-pop band Deerhoof is releasing a new live collection, Fever 121614: Live In Japan.

Placebo has a new collection of their MTV Unplugged performance, including a special edition that comes with video of the complete show.

Dweezil Zappa is releasing a new album — his first not written by his father, Frank, since 2006’s Go With What You Know — called Viva Zammata.

Finally, They Might Be Giants are releasing a brand new children’s album, Why?

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