NSFWish: VICE Asks Moisturizer Vs. Semen?!!

NSFWish: VICE Asks Moisturizer Vs. Semen?!!

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We somehow stumbled across this gem this morning. Unearthed from internet limbo, Vice Magazine’s “Cum Vs. Moisturizer” user testing!

Vice had two readers, a boy using his own…”house blend”, and a girl borrowing her boyfriend’s special sauce. They were asked to apply both products to separate halves of their faces for an entire month to determine the victorious blend of vitamins and um, stem cells?

Nick and Lisa took weekly polaroids to chart their progress. You can check out the play-by-play HERE. The two offer insightful quips like, “I’m constantly wondering whether someone can tell if I have cum all over my face, too. I’ve taken to using more perfume just cuz I feel like I smell of spunk.” Yes, Lisa. I imagine you would!

Nick at one point adds, “It’s like a protein mask. I’ll bet you could take a jackhammer to that cheek and I could just whistle the theme to Andy Griffith no problem.” Say what now?

We won’t spoil the winner for you, and if you aren’t at work, or reading this in front of your mother – it’s worth a few chuckles and a minute of your day to read on. You can read the entire article at VICE.

We’re almost scared to ask, but what the hell – Are any of you willing to take the challenge? Or has anyone already tried it?

Bonus Music Video!

Via CUM VS MOISTURIZER – Vice Settles the Score! – Vice Magazine

Read the rest at Vice Magazine: CUM VS MOISTURIZER – Vice Settles the Score! – Vice Magazine

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