The U.K. Nude Dating Show ‘Naked Attraction’ Expands into Germany (NSFW)

The U.K. Nude Dating Show ‘Naked Attraction’ Expands into Germany (NSFW)

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There’s a Channel 4 “dating” show in Britain called Naked Attraction in which contestants decide whether they’d like to be paired up with people based on how they look nude. It’s kinda like The Dating Game, except with male frontal nudity. The show has just expanded into Germany (NSFW), so we’re recounting some of its naked hijinks below.

In Naked Attraction, the bachelor or bachelorette chooses between several potential mates who each stand inside of a private booth. As the game goes on, the mates’ bodies get gradually revealed by a door that slides either up or down, revealing their sexy bits. In between, contestants are forced to converse with the naked people about their hobbies and personal values, as if the audience or anyone else really cares — “He’s got a nice butt, but what are his creative aspirations?!?!

Though a majority of the contestants are white, the show has also included bodies with disabilities too (as seen in the video below):

The show provides little more than a cheap thrill for viewers and a quick and easy ratings boost for the network, however, it has also proved somewhat progressive insofar as it hasn’t been shy about featuring a bisexual woman and a lesbian in its first episode and, later on, a gay man who (bravely? predictably?) asked to see all of his potential mates’ penises early on into his selection.

Along with the LGB inclusion, the show has also delighted gay men as well as straight and bi women by revealing the naked physiques of various hunky men and minor U.K. celebrities like 2016 Mr. U.K. winner, Mark Redfearn (NSFW). And now German viewers can look forward to primetime nudity too as contestants get greeted by all manner of shaved man-crotch and flaccid penises while home viewers watch and eat dinner.

Britain’s Channel 4 has also had success with another nude reality game show entitled Life Stripped Bare in which families have all their material possessions (like clothes and cell phones) taken away to see how well they manage without modern conveniences. Sounds pretty educational.

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