3 Times Nude Male Models Rocked the Runway

3 Times Nude Male Models Rocked the Runway

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We’re big fans of fashion and style, so when someone told us about a trend of nude male models in runway shows, we simply had to look into it — for the sake of journalism, of course. Though the most recent instances of naked male models hails from a couple years back, they’re still worth enjoying whether you’re a fan of fashion or just of male nudity.

1. The Rick Owens fashion show at Paris Fashion Week (2015)

At the show, Owens sent several of his models in tunics with peepholes that shamelessly revealed their penises. While some people accused Owens of deliberate shock tactics, Owens said (NSFW):

“I was just questioning why we keep penises concealed and why exactly it’s bad to show them. The social rule to keep the penis hidden just gives it a power I’m not sure it merits. But isn’t it great when something is sacred and profane at the same time?”

2. The MT Costello fashion show (2015)

At New York Fashion Week 2015, the show for the Fall/Winter collection of designers Michael and Stephanie Costello of MT Costello had a nude man in a open caftan and a bracelet, holding his junk with a single hand and going completely nude near the end of his walk.

His name is Laurent Marchand, he has a nice butt and we recently featured a gallery filled with his numerous sexy shots.

From the look of it (NSFW), Marchand was also wearing a gold-beaded cock ring of some sort — how chic! Gold-beaded cock rings were undoubtedly all the rage that fall and winter. For the full effect, check out this video of his walk (NSFW).

3. Madrid’s ‘Penises and Purses’ fashion show (2005)

While one blogger said that the penises in this fashion show distracted him from the purses, one could argue that the nudity was meant to refocus attention onto the bags rather than potentially distract from them with models in flashy clothing.

Even if the penises are distracting — they’re so floppy! — sex sells, and what better way to make your product seem sexy than to put a big floppy dong next to it? We imagine this is how they’ll sell cheeseburgers, family sedans and life insurance in the future.

Another interesting thing about this show, no one seems to know anything about it: the designer, the venue, the event, nada. You can still watch video of it though (NSFW).

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And if you want to see more nude men walking the runway, check out these two Pornhub videos (NSFW and NSFW).

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