Nude Pics of Drag Race’s Laila McQueen Will Make You Mega Thirsty

Nude Pics of Drag Race’s Laila McQueen Will Make You Mega Thirsty

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If you watched RuPaul’s Drag Race last night, then you know that for the second time ever in Drag Race history, Mama Ru got rid of two queens after an unimpressive “Lip-Synch for Your Life” finale — how ironic they got eliminated after performing Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive”.

We thought that Dax Exclamation Mark and Laila McQueen would get a lot further this season than they did — in fact, we didn’t think Dax did that bad in his “Bitch Perfect” singing challenge. Nevertheless, both queens have sashayed away into the annuls of Drag Race herstory.

Nevertheless, we found ourselves getting mighty thirsty for the likes of Laila’s real-life creator Tyler Devlin. He’s a handsome, unassuming guy; and from the looks of the nude pics below, he’s got a nice badunkadunk and a basket to boot.

Just like season seven’s Pearl, Laila has us wanting to see a lot more of him: out of drag and in our bedroom. Show us ‘dem moves, Tyler!

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