Watch This YouTuber Recount the Horrifying Tale of Relatives Discovering His Nudes

Watch This YouTuber Recount the Horrifying Tale of Relatives Discovering His Nudes

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We haven’t all ‘been there,’ but I think it’s fair to say nothing elicits an automatic cringe like the headline above, no? The idea of anyone “discovering your nude selfies” when he or she is not the intended recipient is pretty horrifying, but when that ‘anyone’ happens to be a relative … well, it makes us want to do a death-drop, and not in the fierce way.

YouTuber Jack Merridew is the creator of our new favorite online video, in which he recounts all the lurid details of what happened. As you’ll see if you watch the video (embedded below), the fact that relatives sneakily discovered his nudes (which he thought were tucked away in the depths of his locked smartphone) isn’t even where the horror ends. As you might have guessed, these weren’t just any ol’ relatives. They were children.

“My nudes were found by a band of children. The worst category of people found my nudes,” he says early on in the video. “I was mortified.”

Merridew is no stranger to risqué YouTube vids, as you’ll see if you peruse his channel, which boasts more than 330,000 subscribers. (Past vids include “How to Have Gay Sex,” “New Sex Toys” and a series of “Bathtub Q&As” in which he answers fan-submitted questions.)

His story begins at a family gathering — his aunt’s surprise birthday party — featuring a whole cast of characters that included three of his young cousins. What was supposed to be a time to “create cherished memories,” he says, turned out to be more of a reason for the kids to attend therapy.

As Merridew tells it, the kids (a 13-, 11- and 9-year old) wanted to play with his phone, which he obliged, but only after making sure it was locked and they couldn’t access his pics. You see, the night prior he indulged a guy he’d been flirting with on the apps with a lurid photo shoot.

We’ll let Merridew tell the rest of the story himself.


Watch Jack Merridew’s video about the uncovering of his nude selfies:


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