Five Nurses Were Disciplined For Sneaking a Peek at a Dying Man’s Penis

Five Nurses Were Disciplined For Sneaking a Peek at a Dying Man’s Penis

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The Denver Health Medical Center in Colorado suspended five nurses for three weeks each after the nurses all sneaked a peek at an incapacitated man’s genitals, continuing to look even after he died. There’s no word on what made the man’s genitals so alluring.

Although the nurses in questions weren’t fired, the hospital released the following statement:

Their actions, which violated our policies and our Code of Conduct, were promptly reported to appropriate governmental authorities, including the Denver Police Department and the Colorado State Board of Nursing. An internal Denver Health investigation resulted in disciplinary action against all those responsible for the incident and the patient’s next of kin was notified.

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As a general rule, nurses are forbidden from looking at patient’s genitals, buttocks or chests unless the patient’s medical care requires access to those areas, a professional nurse told Hornet.


Did the nurses commit a crime by looking at the patient’s genitals?

Denver District Attorney’s Office spokesman Ken Lane said, “[Police] determined there was insufficient evidence to prove a crime was committed, no charges were filed.” He added that the police referred the matter “back to Denver Health to handle internally.”

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Hospital spokesman Josh Rasmussen said that four of the nurses still work at the hospital — the fifth no longer works there but wasn’t fired. However, all the nurses involved were given “serious” discipline including “a notice of the discipline placed in their personnel files.”


The hospital apologizes for the unprofessional ogling

The hospital also said of the incident, “Denver Health is truly sorry this happened. This incident it is not an appropriate representation of the high-quality care and compassion our clinical staff strive to provide to our patients.”



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