NY Gay Inmates Now Allowed Conjugal Visits

NY Gay Inmates Now Allowed Conjugal Visits

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gay blog, gay news, gay sex, conjugal visit, inmates, new york, wentworth millerBrown chicken brown cow! Gay inmates in same-sex marriages or civil unions (What, no domestic partnerships?) serving time in New York prisons will now be allowed sexy, sexy conjugal visits with their spouse. If FOX’s Prison Break taught me anything, it’s that prison sex is the hottest sex of all. But that may only apply if it is Wentworth Miller having the prison sex, and with the prison psychiatrist at that.

Gothamist reports:

The regulation is a formalization of a policy initiated in 2008 by Governor Paterson, which required New York State agencies to recognize same-sex marriages and civil unions performed out of state. Peter Cutler, spokesman for the Department of Correctional Services, told the Daily News, “If they seek a furlough based on the partner, it’s likely it would be granted.” Please save all “drop the soap” jokes for the end of the post.

No word on exactly how many married, gay convicts will be benefiting from the passing of this new measure, and even officials admit that they aren’t familiar with anyone fitting the bill, but the move is still being hailed as a victory. Marriage is marriage is marriage after all.

Just one question, is the prison providing the lube or should be bring some from home?

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