NY Governor Andrew Cuomo Releases Video For Same-Sex Marriage

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo Releases Video For Same-Sex Marriage

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In his latest effort to pass marriage equality in his state, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has released a video outlining his support. He has also recorded a robo-call that asks New Yorkers to call their legislators and urge them to support gay marriage.

Governor Cuomo is heavily involved in the battle for marriage equality in New York, attempting to use his substantial political capital to get the issue through the State Legislature before their session closes on June 20. It is a high-profile issue, with the likes of Sean Avery, Michael Bloomberg and many well-known and respected New Yorkers standing up for gay marriage. Many well-heeled GOP donors have even pledged their support of gay marriage.

However, the outcome is far from certain, as not one Republican has announced their backing of same-sex marriage. And even with the increasing media attention, it looks like the political pressure is just not ramping up.

It’s very unnerving, because if the LGBT community cannot win marriage equality in a state like New York – with bi-partisan support – then there is a lot less hope for success elsewhere.

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