In Only His Underwear, Nyle DiMarco Trampolines for Pride Month

In Only His Underwear, Nyle DiMarco Trampolines for Pride Month

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In our dreams and fantasies, the man we marry is Nyle DiMarco. The America’s Next Top Model and Dancing with the Stars winner just jumped for joy this Pride Month in nothing but a pair of tighty whities. Thankfully for us, Paper Magazine caught it all on film.

New York’s Paper Magazine is celebrating Pride online with “a series of digital-only covers, features, and galleries celebrating the diversity, beauty, resiliency and humor of the LGBTQ community.”

One of those features in all about model DiMarco, who has already been on our radar since he won over Tyra Banks on season 19 of America’s Next Top Model.

Here are some highlights from Paper’s Pride interview with Nyle Dimarco:

On coming out:

Growing up, I never felt the need to come out, especially being a Millennial. We just did not care who showed up at the door step. When stardom hit, I immediately saw the wave of questions to my sexuality. It made me feel closeted for the first time, so when somebody asked, I casually replied because sexuality shouldn’t be a big issue.

On being a role model for the sexually fluid community:

I do feel like I am a role model regarding my sexuality, as well. I have been getting messages from friends and fans that they feel they are finally able to relate to and accept themselves as fluid—or whatever sexuality they want to identify.

On his dream date:

“Forget the fancy dinners, let’s play one-one-one basketball game. Dip into the beach. End the day with a simple dinner.”

On being comfortable in his own skin:

“I am comfortable in my own skin; everybody should be in their own. Growing up my mother had nude statues, nude portraits, and nude educational books all over the house. Every time we were curious and/or asked why, our mother would always say, ‘Body is art,’ and then engage into discussion that beauty comes in many forms.”

Read the entire Nyle Dimarco Pride interview here.

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