Nyle DiMarco Teaches Us How to Say ‘Impeach Trump’ in Sign Language

Nyle DiMarco Teaches Us How to Say ‘Impeach Trump’ in Sign Language

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Nyle DiMarco has joined the ranks of celebrities speaking out against Trump after Charlottesville. And the sexy model and deaf activist isn’t mincing his words. This Tuesday, DiMarco posted a tweet that read “Trump is a racist and white supremacist who stands with neo-nazis.”

Attached to the tweet was a video where DiMarco teaches us how to say “Impeach Trump” in American Sign Language:

Of course, this isn’t the first time Nyle’s used his ASL skills to help protest. In January, shortly after Trump’s inauguration, he taught us how to sign “Resist.”

One of the many reasons we love Nyle DiMarco is his activism. In addition to fighting against Trump’s racism, he’s done a lot of good work for the deaf community. The Nyle DiMarco Foundation launched in 2016. The foundation works with legislators to pass bills to help with accessibility issues for deaf people.

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The foundation also fights to increase educational opportunities in sign language for deaf children. (Right now, only 2% of deaf people in the world have access to education in sign language.) And studies have shown that providing education in sign language for children is essential for developing cognitive abilities.

But, of course, we’re not gonna lie — one of the reasons we love Nyle DiMarco is he’s so damn hot. No wonder he won both America’s Next Top Model and Dancing With The Stars. The sexually-fluid actor and model is sexy, smart and talented.

And did we mention we loved him on Difficult People? 

While we’re not sure what DiMarco’s next act of activism will be — and whether or not it will involve jumping on a trampoline in his undies. (We can hope, though.)

We’ve got immense respect and admiration for Nyle DiMarco. Though, perhaps he signed it best — Nyle Dimarco:



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