Oath: A Queer Superhero Anthology That Needs Your Help

Oath: A Queer Superhero Anthology That Needs Your Help

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If queer comics are your thing and you’re looking to shell out some money, take a look at Oath, a by-queers-for-queers anthology that’s currently raising funds on Kickstarter. The final book will feature over two hundred pages of black and white comics by a variety of comic artists and writers who self-identify as queer. Oath will include trans and genderqueer heroes, along with gay, bisexual, pansexual, ace, and lesbian heroes.

Organized by Portland, Oregon comic artist Audrey Redpath, the anthology hopes to tap into the queer superhero zeitgeist that we’re clearly in the middle of right now. While the comics field is still dominated by big presses with little interest in queer themes, there’s already a large canon of underground comics addressing issues that LGBTQ readers are looking for. In the Kickstarter description Redpath elaborates: “Our heroes aren’t cautionary tales. Stories in the anthology will empower unquestionably queer characters and creators, and saturate heroic plots and settings with new perspectives.”

For $25 you can get the book, and higher tier backer levels will get you exclusive prints and signed copies. Best of all, for $50 you can donate a copy to a library or LGBTQ center of your choice and get a secret thank you reward. With 24 days to go, the project’s got over two hundred backers but it’s still quite a distance away towards its $23,000 goal.

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