Obama Releases Birth Certificate; Trump Gloats

Obama Releases Birth Certificate; Trump Gloats

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After an intensifying debate from the birthers – folks who believe that Obama was not born in the United States – the White House has officially released Obama’s birth certificate.

Donald Trump claims to have made Obama do what no one else could do.

And while the birthers had been questioning Obama’s heritage long before he won the presidency, Donald Trump is claiming victory. Trump told reporters in New Hampshire, “I am very honored and proud that I did something no one else could do.”

The ego of this man is incredible! What do you expect to happen when you harp on and on and on about Obama’s heritage at every single opportunity, driving ratings and pageviews? Congratulations, you made such a brouhaha that distracted the country from the true problems at hand!

Obama responds, saying that we are not going to be able to solve our problems if we get distracted by “sideshows and carnival barkers” – which is a good analogy for Trump’s entire pre-campaigning.  “We don’t have time for this kind of silliness,” the President continued, “We’ve got some enormous challenges out there.”

Indeed, we do! Thankfully, this issue will no longer be an issue – at least, it shouldn’t be. Surely the crazy right-wing nut jobs will still talk about how they can’t trust a document released by the White House and that this is some complex liberal conspiracy to allow America to be taking over by radical Muslims from Kenya.

Showing how much this issue impacted him, Obama had a rare press conference to discuss the issue:

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