Obamacare Survives A Republican Assault. Phew!

Obamacare Survives A Republican Assault. Phew!

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Try as they might, Republican senators were unable to repeal the much maligned, but incredible first step in the right direction, nationalized healthcare program Barack Obama has fought so hard to put into effect.

All 47 Republicans voted to repeal the bill and 2 Democrats abstained from voting. The 51 Democratic senators who voted against repeal walked away with an alarmingly slim victory.

National healthcare is GOOD FOR YOU, people. A quick personal tangent:

I, Kevin Farrell, Chief Unicorn here at UB, suffered 6 heart attacks between the ages of 19 and 24. Six, y’all! As a foster kid, I had little access to my genetic family’s records and zero ability to receive healthcare on my parents’ plan. I found myself with over $28,000 worth of medical debt, and no insurance companies would allow me to purchase medical insurance with them because of my preexisting heart condition. Every single time I went to the doctor as an adult, I payed for it out of pocket. When President Obama signed the Healthcare Reform Act into law, I was able to get medical insurance for the first time in my entire life.

But enough about me. So-called Obamacare if safe for another day. And that is a very, very good thing. Please tell your elected officials not to attempt repeal of this transformative law that betters the lives of millions and millions of your fellow Americans.

And just for the record, Republicans attempting to take away your newly acquired healthcare have no intention of foregoing their own federally subsidized healthplans, as witnessed in this unbelievable video. Food for thought, eh?

Are you happy to see Obamacare survive?

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