Off Her Rocker : Grandma’s a Worldwide DJ Sensation

Off Her Rocker : Grandma’s a Worldwide DJ Sensation

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I’m a big fan of electronic music, and was floored when Ruth Flowers, aka DJ Mamy Rock, landing in my inbox.

“Mamy” refers to the fact that Ruth Flowers is a 69 year-old grandma, and “Rock” is what she is doing every single weekend as one of the world’s hottest DJs.

Yep, you read that right. She is a DJ, she is 69 years young, and is a grandma. She’s been getting rave reviews and mad worldwide media attention over the past year, and has just released her first single, “Still Rocking.” The tune is actually really good, and she is quite the inspiration.

Her website has a trailer that will just blow your mind, because she has been flying all over Europe and getting everyone talking about her. She rarely takes a weekend off, and her site cheekily notes, “I’d rather sign a contract with a record company than sign up for a nursing home!”

Ruth first thought about becoming a DJ in 2005, after visiting her grandson’s birthday party at a London nightclub. The bouncer almost didn’t let her in, she recounted to the Telegraph: “This fellow outside the door said ‘You don’t want to go in there, madam’ and I told him, ‘Yes I jolly well do, it’s my grandson’s birthday!”

She was instantly enamored. “It was frightfully noisy of course, and there were all these lights flashing,” Flowers remembers, “but what I realised was that these young people were just having so much fun. So I said to my grandson, ‘You know what darling, I could arrange things like this, for the local kids.’ And he said he thought that would be very cool.”

She soon met up with a French music producer, who encouraged her to become a DJ. Very clever on his part, because she was an instant media sensation. It also helps that she was actually pretty damn good.

And imagine what the Golden Girls would have been like had Ruth Flowers been in the mix…perhaps we could dream about a Betty White/Ruth Flowers dance remix?!?!

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