Oh No! Gay Footballer Michael Sam Is Leaving The Sport Indefinitely

Oh No! Gay Footballer Michael Sam Is Leaving The Sport Indefinitely

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Yesterday we mentioned that Michael Sam, the first openly gay football player to ever be drafted into the National Football League, wasn’t doing so well as a defensive end in the Canadian Football League’s Montreal Alouettes team. Well, it’s worse than we thought: after just one week playing in the CFL, the poor guy has decided to step away from football indefinitely.

He tweeted on Friday:

Can we just say that it’s a tinge sad that Sam’s Twitter handle is @MichaelSamNFL because, as the Associated Press reminds us, “Sam was selected in the seventh round of the 2014 NFL draft by the Rams, did not make the team, and spent some time on the Cowboys’ practice squad before being released.” That is, after making history as the NFL’s first openly gay draft pick, he was barely in the NFL at all.

Despite the outpouring of attention he got when he was first drafted, Sam’s career has been a highly anticipated but anti-climactic one. Even his performance with the Alouettes hasn’t been tres bien. He reportedly “agreed to a two-year deal with the Alouettes this summer, [but] left training camp June 12, citing personal reasons, and sat out the team’s first five games.” Last week was his CFL debut, and now that’s over too.

Sam’s LGBT fans will be sad to hear this news. Heck, some of us here at Unicorn Booty didn’t even give a fugg about football until Sam got drafted. Sure one of our writers argued that Sam’s lack of size, strength, and versatility (and not homophobia) are the reason he got passed over by the NFL, but we still wanted him to succeed.

It’s been a tough year for Sam; he even broke up with his fiancé and boyfriend of 4 years barely a month and a half ago. We’re not sure if he’s suffering from a case of horribly bad luck or if all the media attention and pressure has just psyched him out, but either way we’re still rooting for him. He’s the only openly gay NFL draft pick so far, and that makes him a hero and pretty brave player to us, whether on the field or off.

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