OK Pastor Arrested For Molesting His Three Adopted Daughters

OK Pastor Arrested For Molesting His Three Adopted Daughters

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The good news: Arkansas’ State Supreme Court struck down a discriminatory law banning gays and lesbians from adopting in the state. The court found the law to be glaringly unconstitutional. The argument that children deserve both a mother and a father just didn’t hold up in court.

The bad news: Oklahoma Pastor Tommy Pitts was arrested last weekend for allegedly molesting all three of his adopted daughters. Police discovered the horrifying sexual abuses after his own wife reported Pitts to the authorities. Pitts is said to be on suicide watch, after trying to kill himself in order to escape prosecution.

Sheriff Randolph said they found Pitts after he tried to drive his car into on oncoming truck. He was taken into custody after the accident and placed on suicide watch. He’s expected to be arraigned Wednesday, April 6.

Pitts was charged with 15 counts of first-degree rape, 15 counts of rape by instrumentation, 20 counts of lewd acts with a child under 16, and 20 counts of forcible sodomy.

Pitts has been an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God since 2007. Rev. Frank Cargill with the Assemblies of God District Office in Oklahoma City said the church has launched a ministerial investigation, and Pitts will not pastor the Midway Assembly of God Church while the investigation is ongoing.

The news of the ordained minister’s fall from Grace has shocked many in the small town of Fairview.

The contrast between the stories in Arkansas and Oklahoma today are frightening. Anti-gay legislators and public officials have used the argument that gays and lesbians are unfit to be parents for far too long, and we are relieved that the Arkansas Supreme Court saw through this hollow claim. The fact of the matter is that qualified and capable gay and lesbian parents tirelessly fight to raise children in need of loving homes throughout America, while would-be heterosexual adoptive parents are placed under a fraction of the scrutiny gays face.

This man, this pastor, is accused of fifteen counts of raping his adoptive children. Let it never be said again that adopted children are better served by heterosexual parents.

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