Omarosa Being ‘Physically Dragged’ Out of the White House Is the Cherry on Top of a Great Week

Omarosa Being ‘Physically Dragged’ Out of the White House Is the Cherry on Top of a Great Week

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What a week it’s been — and it’s only Wednesday! Yesterday afternoon we caught wind that Netflix would be working on a reboot of our favorite Saturday morning cartoon, She-Ra. Then Doug Jones goes and dominates child predator Roy Moore in Alabama’s special Senate election. (P.S. Have you seen Jones’ hot gay son?) Today we learn Death Becomes Her is getting turned into a musical (squeal!) and now this: Last night Omarosa Manigault Newman — former The Apprentice contestant and Trump’s aide charged with leading black outreach — was “physically dragged” out of the White House after being fired.

There are apparently two sides to the story. The White House claims she resigned “to pursue other opportunities.” Meanwhile many reports claim she was given the axe by Chief of Staff John Kelly and exploded in an outburst of obscenities, at one point trying to storm back into the White House to appeal to Trump himself. (Unfortunately she was stopped by Secret Security before that could happen.)

From Spin:

“Apparently General Kelly gave Omarosa the notice that it was time for her to go last night,” Ryan said. “She was very upset and said that she wanted to speak to the president. According to sources, Kelly said that the president was already informed and he signed off. Kelly is also alleged to have said ‘This is not like going to the principal’s office.’”

Ryan reiterated her tweets regarding the former Apprentice star offering vulgarities before claiming that the ousted White House aide’s “assistant was let go as well.”

Ryan said that sources confirmed that she did not take the news of her dismissal well, walked over to the president’s residence, “and tried to get in.”

“General Kelly was called back to deal with this issue as Omarosa was trying to get into the residence to see the president,” Ryan continued. “The Secret Service stopped her and she was escorted off campus.”

During the argument with Kelly, sources alleged that Manigault Newman “claimed that she had brought the black vote to President Trump.”

“General Kelly says, ‘No, that is not true.’” Ryan said.




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