Paris Just Saw the Opening of O’Naturel, Its First-Ever Nudist Restaurant

Paris Just Saw the Opening of O’Naturel, Its First-Ever Nudist Restaurant

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Is Paris becoming nudist-friendly? As of a few weeks, male and female naturalists have been able to enjoy a dedicated nudist space in the city’s Bois de Vincennes Park — something that made quite a few headlines. And now, not far from that very park, a newly opened nudist restaurant called O’Naturel allows its diners to enjoy a meal in the nude.


Now open: the first nudist restaurant in Paris

The restaurant is owned by two men, Mike and Stéphane Saada. It’s located in the city’s upscale 12th arrondisement, not far from well-known Paris Metro the Porte Dorée.

Being able to eat “au naturel” doesn’t come cheap, though. Main courses run about $37, and a reservation is mandatory. Diners are invited to leave their clothes in the locker room near the entrance of the nudist restaurant.

“Only two things are required by law: the clients must not be seen from the outside, and people in the kitchen must remain fully clothed,” the owners recently told Le Parisien. “Both will be respected, and we will open only in the evening, from 7:30 p.m.”

Such a restaurant is definitely a first in the French capital, though a similar eatery opened last year in London.

According to Eater, “London’s hit naked dinner pop-up, the Bunyadi, attracted thousands of would-be nude patrons to its waiting list in 2016.” That restaurant was only a short-lived experiment, though it could show up this fall in Paris as well.


2.6 million people practice nudism in France

Paris opened its nudist space in the Bois de Vincennes, located on the city’s east side, between Aug. 31–Oct. 15.

“This experiment is part of the diversification of usage in Parisian public spaces,” wrote the city in a statement. “Our policy is to be open to everyone, provided everyone else’s tranquility in public spaces is respected. … Opening a naturist space is an attractive factor for Paris. It is a sign of open-mindedness for widespread practices in several European countries like Germany, Switzerland, Spain or Sweden.”

From what we have seen on social platforms, the experiment was considered a success for nudist men — including gay men — and women. According to the city, 2.6 million people practice nudism (though some prefer the word “naturism”) in France.


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