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Open a New GATE: No Concierge Required!

Open a New GATE: No Concierge Required!

Written by Hornet Staff on March 23, 2017
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Most gay urbanites have social schedules that make “busy” an understatement. Their home is their castle — so, naturally, everything gravitates towards the royal scale. The dinners and brunches, fundraisers, gallery previews and theater after hours, private yoga sessions, martinis and book club gatherings, out of town guests and whatnot, plus the sex parties (OK, this one applies only to some gay urbanites — you know who you are!)

A holiday weekend at a friends’ house in the Bay Area recently made me feel I could add Concierge to my resume. Could you get the door? Even with a requisite please and thank you it left me exhausted. Now, as if right on cue, GATE: the first all-in-one smart lock. Open Sesame!

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GATE took a team of PhD scientists a couple years to get right. The fact that they quit their Google gigs to pursue it says a lot about their confidence in the product. It takes guts to have balls, as my friends would quip. Faith and tenacity are admirable in any undertaking.

GATE, Smart Lock, IndieGogo, All-in-one lock

“Open a new window! Open a new door!” sings the incomparable Angela Lansbury in the iconic musical Mame. That could very well be a cheeky soundtrack to GATE.

Long story short: I know what I am giving out as gifts — thoughtful yet practical, and stylish to boot — for Christmas this year!

For more information, check out GATE on their website, Facebook or IndieGogo!

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