Oprah Was All of Us Last Night and Hilariously Tweeted the Oscars

Oprah Was All of Us Last Night and Hilariously Tweeted the Oscars

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We weren’t the only ones who were live tweeting the Oscars last night. Oprah was living her best life and was as well! Sitting on mountains of cash and eating massive amounts of bread, she had her phone in one hand and her eyes glued to the television set.

Like us, she was crying over Mahershala’s win:

She was excited for Viola, too!

She got real campy and gave us a “Hallelujur” with seven rs.

Next she was praying for a GIF. We aren’t sure if she means a GIF of Viola winning or just a GIF for the moment.

We guess she meant a GIF for the moment because she re-tweeted this GIF of her crying:

And then, just like us, when Moonlight won she was like, “Whatttttttt?”

You know if she could have given everyone an Oscar she would have. You get an Oscar! You get an Oscar! Well, maybe not Mel Gibson. He shouldn’t get an Oscar.

We’re curious if she was even with anyone but we like to think she chooses to watch alone without any interruptions. We imagine a phone conversation with her and Gayle.

Gayle: Hey. What are you doing tonight?

Oprah: Live tweeting the Oscars.

Gayle: Want to come over?

Oprah: No.

Gayle: Want me to come over…

Oprah: [Hangs up]

Next award’s season, we know exactly who we will be following on Twitter.

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