The Oprah RuPaul Interview Is Finally Online, and Yes, Squirrel Friends, It’s Everything

The Oprah RuPaul Interview Is Finally Online, and Yes, Squirrel Friends, It’s Everything

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The Oprah RuPaul interview is finally online and thankfully for us, they filmed it! The interview, which was published in the February issue of O Magazine, will also be available tomorrow, Wednesday, Jan. 17 in audio form on Oprah’s podcast SuperSoul Conversations.

Oprah asks: “This month we’re asking the question “What defines you?” How would you answer that?”

RuPaul answers: “At this moment? I’m everything and nothing at all. I’m black, I’m white, I’m male, female. To me, seeing all the facets of yourself is the next level of our evolution—understanding who we really are.”

“It’s often on your show you seem to be giving spiritual advice,” Oprah tells Ru in one clip.

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“We set up the situation on this competition reality show where we challenged them [the contestants] to go beyond their own limited perception of themselves,” he explains, before Oprah adds, “That is the greatest spiritual teaching there is.”

“The real challenge is for them to be willing to die and become reborn,” RuPaul says.

In another clip, Ru explains the importance of kindness. “You know, it starts here. It starts here. And when I was in 10th grade, my 10th grade teacher told me, he said, “RuPaul, don’t take life too effing seriously.” And I didn’t get it then, I got it later. I did not get it then. But I learned to, first, laugh. Don’t take everything so seriously. And then, be kind. Be kind, because there’s only one of us here, when you are dissing someone else, you’re actually dissing yourself.”

Ultimately, RuPaul says that the eye-opening nature of drag can be felt by anyone of any background, gender or orientation. “On our show, we have this thing where we have the girls put [straight] guys in drag, and what emerges is really phenomenal,” RuPaul says. “It doesn’t hide who you are. Drag actually reveals who you are.”

Watch clips from the Oprah RuPaul interview here:

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