Police Have Identified the Suspect They Believe Is Responsible for the Recent Orange County Gay Bashing

Police Have Identified the Suspect They Believe Is Responsible for the Recent Orange County Gay Bashing

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Police have found the suspect they’d sought in an Orange County gay bashing that left two men in the hospital. However, no arrest has been made and no charges have been filed.

Angel Bonilla, his partner Clement Serafin and their friend Colton Moyer were just trying to have a nice meal out when they went to the Sienna Restaurant at the Balboa Inn on April 13. A female bartender claimed that Serafin’s ID was fake and responded by hurling anti-gay abuse at the group, telling them to leave.

Thats when a large man — who didn’t work at the restaurant, according to Bonilla and Serafin — got involved and physically attacked the couple. “I’m seeing Colton, like, getting hit through the doorway, and I’m just like, ‘What the hell is going on? Why is he doing this?’” Bonilla told CBS2.

Moyer adds, “Heading towards the door in his arms — it was the most terrifying thing I’ve probably ever been through.”

“I mean, he looked at me, ‘You’re next! It felt like he was gonna kill me,” says Bonilla. “He was gonna do something, and he was mad at me. I had never seen this person, I hadn’t interacted with him, I hadn’t done anything to him.”

The three men are labeling the assault as a “gay bashing,” and are now suing the establishment for $3 million in damages. Their suit outlines their version of events, stating that the bartender demanded to see ID in the first place “because she wanted to create a ruse for refusing to serve them when her real motive was to not serve gay men.”

“Angel and Colton both ended up in the hospital,” the victims’ attorney Jeffrey Bohm told CBS2. “They both have lost work. They’re both in extreme pain, and that’s nothing compared to the emotional injuries they’re experiencing.”

Attorney Jerry Kaplan, representing the Balboa Inn, put out a statement claiming that the “establishment does not condone discrimination against anyone and as a matter of fact this hotel has hosted gay weddings in the past and is completely against any type of discrimination whether religious, cultural, sexual or racial.”

On April 27, the Newport Beach Police Department released a statement thanking members of the media and members of the pubic who assisted their search for the man in the video. Detectives were able to identify the suspect in this case, but haven’t released his name nor said if they’ll press charges against him.

We reached out to the Newport Beach Police Department for further comment on the Orange County gay bashing. They told us, “The investigation is still open and ongoing. We have identified and contacted the suspect. There have been no arrests or charges filed at this point.”

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