‘Orange is the New Black’ Stars Wear ‘Vaginas Against Trump’ T-Shirts

‘Orange is the New Black’ Stars Wear ‘Vaginas Against Trump’ T-Shirts

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In case you haven’t noticed yet, we’re anti-Trump. In fact, so are more than 160 Republican leaders and an increasing number of women, especially after Trump’s leaked Access Hollywood remarks saying that he likes to sexually assault women and “grab them by the pussy.”

A group of female artists called Female Collective responded to his crass boasting with a viral image and t-shirts of a snarling cat and the words “Nov. 8 Pussy Grabs Back”! The women of the popular Netflix prison drama Orange is the New Black (OITNB) have joined in too with their own shirts.

Lesbian OITNB actress and singer Lea DeLaria tweeted out an image of the cast wearing orange and black “Vaginas Against Trump” shirts yesterday — and you can totally buy one if you feel like reducing yourself down to the body part most threatened (and desired) by Trump’s patriarchal bullshit. It’ll be fun to wear while helping bury Trump in a pro-women electoral landslide!

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