GLAAD Targets Orbitz for Advertising on Fox News

GLAAD Targets Orbitz for Advertising on Fox News

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GLAAD, alongside Courage Campaign, Equality Matters and DropFox Campaign, is petitioning Orbitz to stop advertising on the Fox News Channel. Orbitz has been especially gay-welcoming, recognized by GLAAD for some serious LGBT advertising accomplishments – like featuring the HRC logo in this commercial.

Orbitz has also achieved success in the gay market by opening an LGBT-specific portal. So GLAAD et al is simply asking Orbitz to put their money with their mouth is: If you are making money off of the gays, then please stop advertising on the hateful and anti-gay Fox News Channel. Sign the petition, and read more:

To: Barney Harford, CEO Orbitz Worldwide

Dear Mr. Harford,

It has recently come to our attention that your company buys advertising on Fox News Channel. Orbitz prides itself on being a good friend to the LGBT community, and we are writing you to raise our concerns about your association with a network that advances destructive anti-gay rhetoric.

Your gay-specific travel site has been warmly received in the gay community, has resulted in higher quality service for the LGBT community and has achieved an increase in growth for Orbitz. Additionally, in the last few years, leading LGBT organizations Human Rights Campaign and GLAAD have recognized the great work that Orbitz has done in partnering with and catering to the LGBT community.

In that same time period, Fox News demonstrated an indefensible bias in its coverage of core issues for the LGBT community. An analysis of coverage on everything from gay marriage to the repeal of DADT to gay individuals supports a conclusion that Fox’s coverage is driven by a political agenda and cannot be considered an objective news source.

These campaigns of misinformation, smears, and flat-out lies — which are propagated throughout Fox News’ programming, including its so-called news shows — do real damage to our families and communities. They also call attention to the fact that by supporting Fox News, Orbitz is supporting an organization committed to advancing an agenda that demeans many of your customers and advocates limiting their civil rights. It also undermines Orbitz’s laudable support for the LGBT community.

Given the tenacity with which Fox is committed to their anti-gay agenda, it is our sincere hope that you will rethink your decision to support them financially through ad revenue.

Thank you,

Courage Campaign GLAAD DropFox Campaign Equality Matters

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