legal agender
legal agender

A Court Just Granted This Individual the Legal Right to Be ‘Agender’

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A Portland resident made history today by becoming the first American to gain the legal right to be classified as agender.

On March 10, a judge granted the 27 year-old video game designer the right to change their sex to agender and change their name to the mononym Patch.

Patch told NBC News:

As a kid, probably starting around age 6, gender didn’t make sense to me. I was told “men were this, women were this.” As a teen I learned about transgender people, and that didn’t seem like what I was. And then I learned about genderqueer, and that didn’t seem like what I was.

Judge Amy Holmes Hehn, who signed off on the petition, also served over America’s first non-binary gender change in 2016.


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