Why Orlando Pride is So Important This Year

Why Orlando Pride is So Important This Year

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Orlando just celebrated Pride on November 12th, and this gathering has a special meaning to us as a community. This event united us and our allies together and allowed us all to reflect on what we have accomplished. This year’s Orlando pride celebration is also important for many of us. It gives us the chance to comfort each other and memorialized the 49 victims after the tragedy at Pulse.

Over 180,000 people came for Come Out With Pride — and the organizer of the event paid a special tribute to the Pulse victims, survivors, and the family members at the parade. A float with family members of the 49 Pulse victims and survivors lead the parade followed by 49 people carried flags that resembled angels. After the parade, the crowd gathered together for a vigil and fireworks remembering the victims.

Local bars and clubs also planned special parties in Orlando. People joined the fun and festivities, and most importantly, paid tribute to the Pulse victims and healed together as a community. Enjoy our gallery of photos showing the festivities.

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