oscars best dressed
oscars best dressed

Oscars 2017: Here Are the Night’s 11 Best Dressed Actors and Actresses

Oscars Fever officially begins with stars walking down the red carpet. It’s thrilling to see our favorite actors like Meryl Streep, Ryan Gosling and Viola Davis looking their best at the entertainment industry’s most anticipated event. The ladies dress to the nines in beautiful haute couture gowns and fancy jewelry, and the gentlemen glam up, too, showing us their dapper side via tuxes.

This year, stars also used the Oscars as a platform to convey important messages, like supporting the nonprofit American Civil Liberties Union as a way to defy the current administration’s hateful policies. Stars from Ruth Negga (the star of Loving) and Hamilton genius Lin-Manuel Miranda wore a blue ribbon pin as a symbol of solidarity with the ACLU.

Without further ado, we picked the 11 best dressed stars from the Oscars red carpet; each one personifies elegance and grace.



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