Yes, You Want to Watch This Otter Lifting Weights in Only a Jockstrap (Video)

Yes, You Want to Watch This Otter Lifting Weights in Only a Jockstrap (Video)

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Drake Abshire (real-name, apparently) is a gay, hunky actor, model and certified personal fitness trainer who lives in Los Angeles, and now we’re all going to watch him lift weights wearing nothing but fashionable jockstraps. His thirst-inducing workout video doubles as an ad for The Underwear Expert, but watching him pump and flex is a pleasure all on its own.

Let’s all ogle Mr. Abshire’s muscular arms and furry armpits as he demonstrates a curl overhead reverse press. Be sure to observe his good posture and form, especially the way his lower back curves into his healthy buttocks which he tastefully displays in a side-view.

And although he’s demonstrating arm exercises today, don’t forget to admire Abshire’s lightly hairy abdominal muscles as they descend into his snug, form-fitting waistband and pouch. Jesus, does anyone else need a cold shower or a cigarette after watching this?

Oh, and if you like lots of eye candy with your fitness tips, make sure to check out our features on porn star workout tips and other workout tips from LGBT trainers—you’re sure to break a sweat after seeing them.

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