Our Prediction: Australia Or Russia’s Love Songs Will Win Eurovision 2016

Our Prediction: Australia Or Russia’s Love Songs Will Win Eurovision 2016

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Do you hear that sound? it’s the sound of screaming gays and Europeans heralding the return of Eurovision! After predicting the winner last year, we’re here to give the tea on who will be crowned the winner and wow, do we have some contenders!!!

This year, we’re seeing a lot the contestants embrace electric-bangers and fringe expressions of love and identity. But we’re placing our money on two solid competitors to win, starting with Australia’s ever-fabulous Dami Im with her song, “Sound of Silence.”

Besides having an incredible wardrobe for her video (she wears this creamy, wind-blown dress that we’re eating up), her voice slays the mid-tempo banger. The lyrics reference iPhone’s FaceTime (their video chat feature) which is kind of hilarious — the opening lyrics go, “Growing tired and weary, brown eyes / Trying to feel your love through Facetime” — but the song is all about longing for a love that isn’t in your life anymore, and it really resonates.

With Eurovision’s theme of “Come Together”, Im’s song reminds us of the ache we feel over any heartthrob or fuckboy that stops returning our messages (especially after we send nudes, the jerks!). Sound of silence indeed — ouch!

It’ll honestly be an incredible feat if Australia wins on its second year in the contest. Hopefully we’ll see it happen!

The second choice is Russia’s Sergey Lazarev with “You are the Only One.” The song has a lot of praise and hype PLUS it sounds similar (in an epic kind of way) to last year’s winner, Mans Zelmerlow “Heroes”.

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With last year’s upset in second place, Russia has come to win this year and who’s to blame them, they churn out some fantastic pop music! Not only is Sergey bae as fuck, but he delivers the Eurovision dramatics that we’ve come to know and love.

His song is a melodramatic “I’mma-win-my-girl-or-guy” type song and honestly, who wouldn’t want heartfelt pleading from such a fine ass man (especially after feeling so rejected after Dami Im’s “Sound of Silence”)?

Now, we know what you might be thinking, “But Russia is an awful, gay hating country!!”, and to that we cannot disagree. However, we have to remind ourselves that pop music knows no sexuality!!!

Honestly, this year’s competition has one of the strongest musical line-ups the contest has seen in years and there are so many possible outcomes for winner. But our predictions are based on the countries who focused on the theme and brought the best, most refined music in order to stake their claim for the prize… and we are living for it (and for love, right?).

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