OutMilitary.com wants YOU!

OutMilitary.com wants YOU!

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It’s like Facebook, but with nobody on it. OutMilitary.com, a new social networking site (Yesss! Another!) wants YOU gay blog readers to create a profile. Queerty ran a story on the site earlier claiming the site’s membership was only in the double digits, but it looks to me like there are 600 or so right now, which effectively makes the Queerty post OutMilitary’s entire business plan at this point.

Alas, the far, far majority of profiles are listed as “Supporter” rather than service member, so if dogtags are your thing, you’d best just keep cruising the Air Force base out in the suburbs for now.

Who wants to venture a guess for how long until this website is mentioned by anti-gay talking heads on the news cycle as proof that repealing DADT was a mistake?