7 Outrageous Looks from Paris Men’s Fashion Week

7 Outrageous Looks from Paris Men’s Fashion Week

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The fashion squad flocked to Paris this week and had a first look at what’s coming for fall/winter 2017. Like London, Paris knows how to integrate art into fashion and gives us good shows. Parisian fashion houses from Louis Vuitton to Givenchy have created beautiful collections with wearable clothes. On the other hand, some designers with a unique point of view thrive on creating garments that are provocative and sometimes outrageous.

For instance, Rick Owens, who famously sent down male models in crotchless clothes (and showed us their peen), didn’t disappoint us with an over-the-top, homeless chic presentation. Avant-garde designer Walter Van Beirendonck also gave us an interesting collection featuring oversized gloves (imagine wearing Mickey Mouse’s big gloves) as your everyday accessory.

For more outrageous looks from men’s fashion week, here are our personal Paris Men’s Fashion Week favorites.




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