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New GLEE Album Tracks Revealed

Attention Gleeks: Salvation awaits you on March 8th. Glee: The Music Volume 5 is set to continue breaking every conceivable record be released in just a few weeks. The tracklist, for your reading pleasure: 1. Thriller / Heads Will Roll 2. Need You Now 3. She’s Not There 4. Fat Bottomed […]

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Rolling Stone Previews 6 New Lady Gaga Songs

Rolling Stone was lucky enough to score an exclusive preview of Lady Gaga’s new album. The Born This Way mama monster herself gave the music magazine six new tracks to listen to. Let’s read what they have to say about them, shall we? “Judas” – Currently scheduled as the second […]

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Westboro Baptist Church Vs. Anonymous: Who’s Fibbing?

Wikileaks-affiliated hacker ubergroup Anonymous’ threat to dismantle the Westboro Baptist Church (The hatiest hateballs spewing forth hate you’ve ever hated to hear of, no doubt) made big news yesterday. The story continues to unfold today. Anonymous has put out a press release suggesting that Westboro Baptist Church made the whole […]

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The Truth About Unreturned Texts

The supergeniuses at College Humor have the cure for what ails you – an infographic answering why all those text messages you keep sending out into the ethers to your BFF’s keep going unanswered. Presenting The Truth About Unreturned Texts. Harsh! Does this answer things for you?

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The Golden Girls On Marriage Equality

There. It shall be as it is written, or something. How can homophobes even compete with Sophia from The Golden Girls on marriage equality? I’m moved to start sending this video to Republican politicians. The word has just got to get out! But in all seriousness, check out this gem […]

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Transgender Model Lea T Talks To Oprah

Current Givenchy muse and rising star Lea T seems to have it all. The supermodel’s been booking work left and right, and recently shared a kiss and a magazine cover with Kate Moss. But just three years ago, life was very different for Lea T. She used to be a […]

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Hong Kong McDonald’s Hosting Weddings

Would you like a marriage with those fries? Hong Kong McDonald’s have added something new to their menus – weddings. The $400 package includes ceremony, reception and apple pie wedding cake. You’ll have to toast with Coca-Cola instead of champagne though. Alcohol is prohibited in family-friendly restaurants in Hong Kong. […]

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Anonymous Vs. Westboro Baptist Church

Anonymous, the um…anonymous group of hackers closely associated with protecting WikiLeaks and controversial founder Julian Assange, has thrown down the gauntlet against hate. In an open letter, Anonymous puts hatemonger Fred Phelp’s vile congregation on blast, warning the “church” to end it’s hateful ways now or face hacker wrath. You […]

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Frat Boy Firework

A group of University of Arkansas frat boys have teamed up for an unlikely cover of Katy Perry’s Firework. Boom Boom Boom! We just wish they would have washed their sweatpants before filming. Zing! But for realzies, nice work fellas! Do you ever feel…like these guys did a great job?

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CNN On The Frothy, Unmentionable Santorum Problem

This CNN clip really brings the LOL’s as the cable news network unwittingly goes for the Guinness World Record for saying “neologism” in a news segment. That’s right folks, CNN is talking about the Santorum Google problem that shall not be named on air! We told you last week that […]