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What Wouldn’t Jesus Do? “Demonize Gays”

It turns out the Archbishop of Canterbury is an actual position held by Rowan Williams, and is not in fact, simply a character in Robin Hood movies and whatnot. We kid. Archbishop Williams has denounced Uganda’s Rolling Stone magazine (You know, the one that did THIS) for their refusal to […]

Gay Teens on TV

Glee: Evangelist For Sexual Immorality?

NewsBusters’ Brent Bozell whines that Glee is ruining the world, and turning your kids gay, parents of America – in a new column for CNSNews.com. Just to get it out of the way, NewsBusters’ mission statement is “Exposing & Combating Liberal Media Bias”, which is to say, there’s about to […]

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Always A Bridesmaid, Only Twice A Bride

Britney Spears walked down the isle this weekend as a bridesmaid in her assistant Brett Miller’s wedding. Oh Britney! You know what they say: Always a bridesmaid, only twice a bride! (So far.) You’ll recall that Louisiana’s finest previously wed Jason Alexander in a quickie Vegas ceremony in 2004, and divorced […]

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Ugandan Woman Wins Last-Minute Stay Of Deportion

We begged UB readers yesterday to please sign a petition to prevent Brenda Namigadde from being deported home to Uganda in the aftermath of LGBT activist, David Kato’s murder this week. We did it! The literally last minute temporary injunction came from a judge after Namigadde had already boarded a […]

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Do You Have Balls of Pride?

We are loving GLAAD’s new Balls of Pride campaign. It’s their play for straight guys who feel awkward declaring their support for gay rights. Because you know, NO HOMO, Bro. The solution? Having straight guys’ girlfriends give them a helping reacharound hand. The fundraiser is hardly a low-hanging idea. The whole […]

kill the gays bill is back, kill the gays, uganda kill the gays, uganda kill the gays bill

Please Stop Lesbian’s Deportation To Uganda Tonight!

PLEASE. Brenda Namigadde is a lesbian woman who fled her home country of Uganda because of the hellfire that exists there for LGBT people. Uganda after all, is the country in which Rolling Stone magazine (not affiliated with the U.S. publication) published the names, photos and addresses of a hundred […]