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Is Handing Out A Pamphlet Suggesting Gays Be Killed A Crime?

The short answer: We’re all about to find out. Five men are being charged under Britain’s new hate speech laws for mailing and distributing a pamphlet entitled “The Death Penalty?” (Can’t you just picture the little flourish on the end from the question mark? It’s like, “The Death Penal-TEEEE?”) Razwan […]

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Egypt’s Violent Gov’t Turns Off The Entire Internet!

The Egyptian government is at war with it’s people. Following the month-long mass protests in Tunisia that led to the ousting of President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali, Egyptian citizens took to the streets in defiance of Egypt’s ruling party, globally recognized for human rights violations. After the Egyptian riots began […]

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Obama Releases Statement On Slain Ugandan LGBT Activist

We reported earlier today about David Kato, the Ugandan LGBT activist that was found bludgeoned to death by his neighbor, only weeks after his name, picture, and address were published in Uganda’s Rolling Stone magazine. President Barack Obama has released a statement on the tragic killing. I am deeply saddened to […]

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Woman Raped To Cure Her Homosexuality. (It Didn’t Work)

Human Rights Groups around the world have drawn attention to the practice of so-called “Corrective Rape” used in countries like South Africa to rid lesbian women of their homosexuality. Up until recently, this issue went largely unreported. That has changed irrevocably in the aftermath of the horrific raping of Millicent […]

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Calling All Gay Comic Creators!

ComicBookResources contributor Brian Cronin wants YOU! …To submit comics for his month long LGBT Comics Spotlight in March. So dust off your Alpha Flight, Batwoman, and Young Avengers issues and nominate your favorites today. Come March, we’ll definitely be checking his feature out. In the meantime, suggest your favorites HERE. […]

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Lt. Dan Choi To Obama: I Won’t Pay You For Discharging Me

Let’s get this straight correct. Lt. Dan Choi was discharged from the United States Armed Forces against his will for being gay, and now the Department of Defense wants him to pay THEM? Choi has smartly taken to Twitter to publicize the absolutely discriminatory repercussions he continues to face for simply […]

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Uganda’s R.S. Called For Gay Killings – Now A Gay Activist Is Dead

A Uganda gay rights activist is dead, following Rolling Stone (No affiliation to the U.S. publication) magazine’s controversial “Hang The Gays” witch hunt. The magazine spent much of last year publishing the names, addresses, and pictures of over a hundred Ugandans accused of being homosexuals. These cover stories ran with […]

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Man Goes Viral After Masochistic “Woman”

We’re not at Sundance, and we don’t care. Really, we don’t.  (Actually, we are maddeningly jealous that many of our friends and family are frolicking amidst the glitterati!). And this one man might have wished that he didn’t go to Sundance at all, after seeing Lucky McKee’s new movie The […]

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United States of $#&@!!

You kiss your mother with that mouth?! Gizmodo’s Daniel Huffman has shared this map of the mouth foul-mouthed places in the country. Huffman used geotagged tweets to compile his data, and the results cuss speak for themselves. The Dirty South is full of dirty mouths, Oregonians are polite and proper, and […]