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Hair Warning

Capitol Hillbillies 256: Hair Warning

New Capitol Hillbillies! My favorite webcomic is back with another one of them block rockin’ beats! Capitol Hillbillies follows a couple of gay guys up in Seattle and their sexual, political, and romantic mis-adventures. Because sodomy is funny. Via Capitol Hillbillies

Reflections upon Doing Time (Eight Hours of It)

Yes, jail was something I wanted to try once in my life. In a purely detached way, it will amount largely to inconvenience: dealing with the bail-bond place and going to court, possibly going to AA meetings and probably dumping a few paychecks into the system. In a slightly less […]

In the closet

“If You’re Not With Your Son, You’re Against Him”

An absolutely incredible poster sums up the issues gay children face when coming out to their parents in just one sentence. Incredibly poignant and eloquent, the image reads: “If you’re not with your son, you’re against him. If you love your son, love him the way he is. Just listen […]

Kurt Mercedes slushie

Stop Blaming GLEE for Slushie Attacks

A pack of rabid dogs idiots at Jarvis Collegiate School in Toronto, Ontario have been harassing and attacking passers-by in the city’s Gay Village neighborhood. Their weapons of choice include shoes, slurs, and slushies. Do you see where this is going? The resident New Directions Gleeks at TV’s William McKinley […]

Maurice Mannion-Vanover

Loved & Lost: The First Child Adopted By Gay Parents In WA Dies

UPDATE Maurice’s father Timothy wrote us to correct an error on our part. Maurice was adopted in Washington, D.C., not Washington State as previously reported. We regret the error, and continue to keep the Mannion-Vanover family in our thoughts. “You can do better” is the message many are left remembering […]

Top 10 Ashton naked

Ashton Kutcher’s Top 10 Shirtless Movies

The good folks over at The Daily Beast know how to start a Monday off right. They’re celebrating No Strings Attached‘s weekend box office haul with quite the prize package. Presenting…Ashton Kutcher’s Top 10 Shirtless Movies! From Dude…Where’s My Car to Personal Effects Killers, Ashton has let the girls out to breathe […]


Jason Mraz Won’t Wed Until Gays Can

                I’m Yours singer and acoustic babe, Jason Mraz, recently proposed to longtime love Tristan Prettyman (A lady, despite her gay pornstar name). But don’t expect the two of them to tie the knot anytime soon. The couple is patiently waiting on the […]

That's Gay

Do You Need To Actually Like Kids To Raise Them?

Current TV’s Bryan Safi is on a quest to find someone to adopt some kiddies with him. The results are hilarious. Check out Bryan’s investiGAYtion into the preparedness of gay parents, and the necessity to you know, actually like kids. Safi points out that gay parenting is So. Hot. Right. […]

Opposite Gender Day

Grade School Promotes/Cancels Opposite Gender Day

King City Public School in Toronto, Ontario celebrated their Spirit Week with five four days of slightly irreverent dress code themes. Pajama Day! Wacky Hat Day! Friday’s spirit event, Opposite Gender Day, was cancelled amid concerns from parents about their children cross-dressing. Grades from kindergarten to eighth were set to […]