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phoenix jones, seattle superheroes

Real Life Superhero Gets Ass Kicked

The Real Life Superhero Movement has been big news on our gay blog and in Seattle over the past 6 months. Phoenix Jones (Pbthhhh!) and his Justice League of Seattle, Avengers West Coast, associates have been patrolling the city to clean up crime. Or at least they say they are. […]

Miss New York, gay marriage

Miss NY Doing It For The Gays

The Miss America pageant is coming around the bend soon, and while we can honestly say we have ever sat through the entire show, our gay blog is definitely familiar with former Miss California Carrie “Opposite Marriage” Prejan’s Q&A (Sick burn!), and former Miss South Carolina Caitlin “Everwhere like, such as […]

Hamburgler Wanted, gay mcdonalds

McDonald’s Can’t Have It Both Ways

Surely you remember the swoon inducing McDonalds commercial that featured a gay son and his father about to snack down on some McNuggets. Our gay blog was all over that business. The commercial, which aired in France, bore the tagline “Venez comme vous etes” or “Come as you are”. While […]

britney spears premiere

Hold It Against Me Arrives! New Britney!

On Air With Ryan Seacrest premiered the finished version of Britney Spears’ new single, Hold It Against Me this morning. And we’re not talking about that demo nonsense from last week. Listen below and tell us what you think! Lyrics Hey over there Please forgive me If I’m coming on […]

Giffords in crosshairs

Palin Is NOT The Real Victim Here

We’ve been reading quite a number of statements and reports coming from every direction (including our own gay blog) in the wake of the shootings of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and a federal judge by 22 year old gunman Jared Lee Loughner. And quite frankly, we are deeply disturbed at how […]

Mickey Mouse Vs. Nazis!

Brian Cronin doesn’t know it, but I’ve been nursing a Hulk sized crush on him for years. Each week he tackles geektastic myths and mysteries in his Comic Book Urban Legends Friday column. I, like many folks, am addicted. This week Brian tackled the question of whether it’s true that […]

Passports Go Gay!

The march toward full equality for gay and lesbian American citizens under federal laws just made a huge leap. The Washington Post is reporting that beginning February 1, U.S. passports will feature “Parent 1” and “Parent 2” information, removing previous gender-specific language that listed a father and a mother. While […]

Cross-eyed Possum Takes Over Germany

Admittedly, I can’t understand a lick of what this reporter is saying, but the gist is pretty much that a cross-eyed possum named Heidi has taken gay blogs and Germany by storm. Either that, or Heidi Montag just cannot stop with the plastic surgery. Heidi has become a regular evening […]

GLAAD to CNN: Quit Hatin’

Our gay blog pals at GLAAD have had quite enough of CNN employing hate group leaders and straight up bigots on their 24 hour talking heads newscycle. GLAAD and Change.org argue that CNN often plugs credential-less homophobes into their programming under the guise of providing “balanced” reporting on LGBT issues. […]

Incredible Ice Festival Opens In China!

The Harbin Ice Festival has opened in China, and hot damn are we jealous! The 26th festival of it’s kind is expected to bring in 50,000 visitors. Basically, it’s a wintertime Burning Man. Towering Buddhas, pagodas, and fairytale castles were built by world-class ice architects for your viewing pleasure. We’ve […]

If Jesus was British, would he have hated the gays?

January 9, 2007 British Christian groups petition the government to not allow equal rights for homosexuals. Love thy neighbor, indeed! It’s a slow historical news day at our gay blog, so get out there and make some. January 9 is ripe for the picking. Who will make January 9 the […]