10 Pics of Ali Mushtaq, the American-Pakistani Muslim Who Burned Up International Mr. Leather 2017

10 Pics of Ali Mushtaq, the American-Pakistani Muslim Who Burned Up International Mr. Leather 2017

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Whether or not you’re into leather, you’re likely to love Ali Mushtaq. He’s the first-ever American-Pakistani to compete in International Mr. Leather, which was held this past weekend. We’ve amassed 10 sexy shots of Mushtaq from his Instagram along with 10 fun facts to help you fall in lust with this trailblazing, fur-covered leather man.

1. He’s 27-years-old, five-foot-six and came out to his grandparents, who raised him, when he was 15.

2. He has served as a founding member and the vice president and a founding member of ONYX Southwest — a local chapter of the national organization for men of color in the leather community.

Of the group, he has written: “ I need to be around people that subscribe to the values and practices of the leather community, but also have similar experiences of exclusion and otherness….  Our space is especially helpful when we have a dialogue with our allies who do not identify as a man of color. “

3. People always ask him where he’s from. When he answers, “Orange County,” they respond, “No, where are you really from?” and he replies, “Anaheim.” 

He says his white leather brothers never get such questions: “They’re free to be from St. Paul, Rochester, Los Angeles, or San Francisco without any question.”

4. People always mistake him for an Indian friend of his named Rahul.

He says the two look nothing alike, but that some people still see them (and many other people of color) as interchangeable despite their uniqueness: “Being interchangeable helps to downplay the individual’s personhood.”

5. He hits the gym five times a week.

He wrote the dissertation for his sociology PhD on how race, class and sexuality affect a person’s fitness. He is also an adjunct professor at Long Beach City College and has taught sociology courses at other universities.

6. He first discovered the leather community at the University of California in San Francisco.

There, he was active in the gay country line-dancing scene. He is also a competitive swing dancer.

7. He has written: “The leather community does not exactly market to people of color so our relative presence in the community is relatively low.”

He continues: “In addition to marketing on advertisements, these particular ethnic groups are relatively scarce as (leather) porn stars, leather discussion panelists, leather community leaders, BDSM demo leaders, and the like.”

8. In a leather contest, he was once asked, “How has being someone of color affected your experience in the leather community?”

He said of the experience: “I gave the most colorblind answer I could…. Regardless of our skin color, we are all community members sharing the love of kink and/or leather. But the reality … is that some brothers are more accepted than others, and to different extents, because of their skin color.”

9. He won his local Mr. Leather title (Mr. Long Beach Leather) title in California in 2016.

His look includes leather chaps, lace-up gauntlets, “disciplinarian jackboots,” and a belted leather strap.

10. He’s got a deliciously hairy back as well.




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