This Palm Springs Resort Welcomes Men of All Shapes to Its Inaugural ‘Naked Weekend’

This Palm Springs Resort Welcomes Men of All Shapes to Its Inaugural ‘Naked Weekend’

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Naked men in Palm Springs, California, isn’t exactly something new. Having long been a desert getaway for the gay community of SoCal (which includes Los Angeles), there are quite a few clothing-optional inns and resorts in town. They welcome men to cut their inhibitions loose and have fun in the sun while showing off their birthday suits. Palm Springs naked usually involves a scorching sun and a clear blue swimming pool.

A leading Palm Springs resort for gay men, INNdulge, is inviting guys to get in touch with their bodies over the course of its very first “Naked Artists & Friends Weekend,” beginning Friday, Sept. 29, and continuing through Sunday, Oct. 1. (Those who want to get their weekend started earlier can book an optional day on Thursday, Sept. 28.)

The resort has planned for three days of “uninhibited camaraderie under the hot desert sun.” But before you think the weekend is just an excuse for sexual playtime, three days of activities await participants.

A naked figure drawing class

New York artist Shungaboy will lead a naked figure drawing course, a naked hike through the desert, naked yoga and — of course — relaxation by the pool. “All activities are optional, so men can enjoy the weekend at their own pace,” he says. “It will also be a judgment-free weekend, meaning weight,
fitness level, penis size and drawing skills don’t matter!”

We spoke to INNdulge owner Jon Jackson about his decision to welcome the “Naked Artists & Friends Weekend.” He says he asked himself three questions: “(1) Will this appeal to my current guests? (2) Will this bring in new quests to discover INNdulge? And (3) Is this a tradition we can do annually?” The answer, he says, was a resounding “yes” to all three.

“As we navigate through our busy lives in these tech-driven times, it’s important for men to be in touch with their bodies and spirits,” Shungaboy says. “A deeper understanding of ourselves enables men to steer through the distractions and obstacles of life and work toward achieving our dreams and goals.”

Nude hiking in the desert

He adds, “Being naked also peels away the outer layer most of us use to deceive ourselves, and it
encourages us to love who we truly are.”

Jackson says of the ideal desert traveler for the naked weekend, “I think this event appeals to a person who is comfortable with their body image, but if not, would like to be.”

While this weekend-long event is by no means a sex party, Shungaboy comments that the “Naked Artists & Friends Weekend” is most definitely a sex-positive event.

“We believe erections are natural,” he says, “and we welcome them at any time.”


Register for “Naked Artists & Friends Weekend” here. Guests can book a room at leading Palm Springs resort INNdulge here.

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