Palm Springs Parents Beat Gay Couple In Front of Their Child

Palm Springs Parents Beat Gay Couple In Front of Their Child

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Russell Bates, 24, and Abigail Sheehy, 19, have each been charged with three felony counts (including hate crime charges!) after beating a gay couple so badly that one man’s teeth were knocked out and his jaw was broken.

What was the argument over, you ask? A parking spot.

An argument over a parking space in downtown Palm Springs spiraled last weekend into what police call a brutal attack that should be prosecuted as a hate crime.

That’s because a man and woman used gay slurs during the fight that left two men hospitalized, Palm Springs police said.

When the unidentified victims began taking photos of the heterosexual couple, the man and woman “became enraged and began yelling derogatory slurs,” Sgt. Troy Castillo said.

Russell Bates and Abigail Sheehy began “to punch the couple multiple times with closed fists, causing one of the victims to lose some teeth,” Castillo said.

The assailants, who police say had a 4-year-old son who witnessed the attack, fled before officers arrived.

It’s safe to say the couple won’t be taking home any awards for outstanding parenting. In fact, they have now lost custody of their child following the attack, and have been charged with an additional charge of misdemeanor child abuse.

Sheehy has been released on bail, while Bates continues to rot in jail for violating his parole.


The 63 and 45-year-old victims are currently recovering from their injuries.


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