Fashion House Palomo Spain Is Seriously Pushing the Boundaries of Menswear

Fashion House Palomo Spain Is Seriously Pushing the Boundaries of Menswear

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Miranda Priestly, fictional dragon lady editrix from The Devil Wears Prada, once chided her team with this famous quote: “Floral? For spring? Groundbreaking.”

Priestly is dead serious about finding only the most innovative of ideas for her magazine, and it’s a pretty spot-on assessment of the fashion industry in general. Everyone is seeking the next new talent who bears a unique point of view and is eager to push boundaries.

Cut to Palomo Spain, a one-year-old Spanish label that wowed the fashion world earlier this year during New York Fashion Week with its unconventional presentation. For its Spring 2017 show, “Objecto Sexual,” the label presented a colorful, dreamy collection full of flowy silk blousons, decadent brocade jackets, pleated skirts, ruffled short dresses and more. The collection oozed femininity.

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The twist, of course, is that Palomo Spain is a menswear label, on a mission to create the industry’s most beautiful gender-neutral fashion. In the past, designers including Vivienne Westwood and Jean Paul Gaultier have played with gender-neutral themes in menswear collections, but Palomo Spain has officially stepped up to the plate, challenging traditional gender binary rules in men’s clothing in ways as yet unseen.

From Palomo Spain’s “Orlando” collection

Alexandro Gomez Palomo, head designer of the label, recently told Vogue, “Boys need to discover different ways to wear clothes that we haven’t been able to wear up until now.” The label’s first collection, “Orlando,” perfectly captured gender-neutral garments with an “Elizabethan meets Studio 54” vibe.

From Palomo Spain’s “Boy Walks in an Exotic Forest” collection

Palomo works with materials typically used for womenswear. His second collection, “Boy Walks in an Exotic Forest,” featured sheer silk, velvet and beading details. The brand’s photo shoots further blurred gender roles by casting androgynous male models.

For his latest fashion campaign, Palomo has created a cheeky (no pun intended) and sexy campaign offering up naked masculine men alongside androgynous male models. The final result immediately captured our attention with its bold, breathtaking shots.

Ultimately, Palomo Spain’s stance on creating decadent gender-neutral fashion is a groundbreaking one. The label’s aesthetics and marketing campaigns are poetic and fashion-forward, for both men and women.

Check out more gender-neutral fashion from Palomo Spain’s FW 2017 campaign:

Featured image via Kito Munoz for Palomo Spain

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