Check Out These 10 Pics from Papi Juice, Brooklyn’s Hottest Party for Queer People of Color

Check Out These 10 Pics from Papi Juice, Brooklyn’s Hottest Party for Queer People of Color

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Papi Juice, is “a Brooklyn-based monthly dance party and kiki celebrating queer and trans people of color, their friends, family and allies.” Founded in 2013 by four young queers — cis men Oscar Nñ, photographer Cristobal Guerra and DJ Adam Rhodes and femme illustrator Mohammed Fayaz — it provides a safe space for queer people of color (QPOC) to safely embrace their express their gender and love in an age when QPOC are increasingly targeted for violence and excluded from predominantly white, cis, male gay bars.

“Adam and I bonded over our frustration with traditional gay spaces and how there was a lack of representation of gay men of color, people of color, and also diversity in gender representation and gender identities,” Nñ told Fader. “It was a really big problem for us. People were just there to have sex. There was a lack of politics to it.”

Papi Juice also provides artists of color a platform for sharing their work. Fayaz’s party fliers depict black and brown bodies that resemble its attendees; they’re large, hairy, female, vulnerable and real as opposed to the muscle-clad speedo jockeys commonly featured on gay bar marketing. DJ Rhodes spins small sets in between artists and Guerra’s photographs reveal the intimacy, fashion and passion at the event’s core.

Moonlight‘s Best Picture win at the most recent Academy Awards reminded audiences how rarely we see mainstream media depictions of QPOC intimacy. That’s why we wanted to share some of Guerra’s photographs, to draw attention to the monthly event and its profound effect on QPOC and the larger community. You can check out Papi Juice’s Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr for more.

(Photos via Papi Juice Instagram)

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