Parkland Survivor Slams Inaction of Pro-Gun Republicans Who ‘March for Hours Over a Rainbow Wedding Cake’

Parkland Survivor Slams Inaction of Pro-Gun Republicans Who ‘March for Hours Over a Rainbow Wedding Cake’

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Nikolas Cruz killed 17 people at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland Florida last Wednesday with a legally purchased AR-15 rifle, just one of five he bought over the past year, according to CNN. A Parkland shooting survivor tore into Republican politicians for responding to massacres with “thoughts and prayers” but also marching over anti-LGBT positions.

Speaking with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Parkland shooting survivor and student Cameron Kasky delivered the harsh truth, taking aim at Republican politicians and others who only pay meaningless lip service to the murdered while going ballistic when a conservative Christian baker is asked to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple.

Cooper asked Kasky, “Do you think change is possible in terms of the kind of change you want?”

Kasky replied, “Everything I’ve heard where we can’t do anything and it’s out of our hands and it’s inevitable — I think that’s a facade that the GOP is putting up.”

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Kasky then called out the NRA: “After every shooting the NRA sends a memo saying ‘send your thoughts and prayers.’ This is the only country where this kind of thing happens.”

Cooper asked, “For those saying ‘thoughts and prayers and this is not the time to talk about guns’?

Kasky had a great reply:

This is the time to talk about guns. There’s much more that can be done, much more that needs to be done and much more that people like Sen Marco Rubio and Governor Rick Scott are not doing. It’s scary to think these are the people who are making our laws when our community just took 17 bullets to the heart. It feels like the only people who don’t care are the people making the laws.

Kasky added, “There is a segment of this society that will shrug this off and send their thoughts and prayers but will march for hours if they have to bake a rainbow wedding cake.”

Watch their exchange below:


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