Who is Parks Denton, the Hunky Otter That Catfished Gay Twitter?

Who is Parks Denton, the Hunky Otter That Catfished Gay Twitter?

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Gay Twitter (the coined term for the particular echo chamber I often find myself in) is freaking out. Everyone there thought they were dating a hunky otter named Parks Denton, but it turns out they were all being catfished.

It seems like the fake account was sliding into the DMs of Twitter’s most vocal gay raconteurs who sound off about important things like hunky protestors and gay arks.

Well, after the account posted this most recent pic, Twitter shut down the profile.

A woman by the name of Dara Illowsky reported the account because the photo they posted was her friend.

So now we’re curious as to who that friend is! (We reached out to Illowsky and will update this post if she gets back to us.)

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One person has a particularly long Parks Denton story.

@thedealwithalex says: “I like meeting Gay Twitter ppl IRL… have prob met 200 folks. Some I love, some are trash, but it’s always fun to grab a beer. About a month ago, I noticed this really cute guy followed me… half Asian, ottery, had two ear piercings like in the middle of his ear.”

“It was #ParksDenton,” he continues.

So we chat on DM a little and he said he moved to NYC in January and freelances.. I think copywriting?  So I suggest a beer at Nowhere Bar and he’s down. 1st red flag, his name is weird so I Google it & find stuff about a Dallas suburb. But whatever it’s fine. 2ND RED FLAG tho he changes his pic and it looks wayyyyy different. The one he has now. Not really my type at all. So I ask him and he said his friend took a really good pic and he was very much not half Asian. Ok, so weird but whatev. Still on for beer.

Day before our beer he says work got busy and asks to push it one day. I say OK because why wouldn’t I? Next day, I go to Nowhere, not too far from my office. Grab one beer, hang in the back. He never shows. I finish beer after 25 mins. And then I realized I was catfished which has never happened in all 200 of my other Gay Twitter hangs. I’m 32, I don’t have time for this shit. Cut to tonight when apparently the cat(fish) was let out of the bag. And scene.

Enjoy these tweets from Gay Twitter about Parks Denton. They’re pretty hilarious.

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