Passports Go Gay!

Passports Go Gay!

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The march toward full equality for gay and lesbian American citizens under federal laws just made a huge leap. The Washington Post is reporting that beginning February 1, U.S. passports will feature “Parent 1” and “Parent 2” information, removing previous gender-specific language that listed a father and a mother.

While the majority of Americans will not be affected by this change in day to day terms, the effect is monumental for the LGBT community. This is the federal government using equality-mindful language in printed government documents.

Professional Bigot, Tony Perkins half-correctly points out, “This is clearly designed to advance the causes of same-sex ‘marriage’ and homosexual parenting without statutory authority, and violates the spirit if not the letter of the Defense of Marriage Act,” the federal law that defines marriage as between one man and one woman.

And for once, we agree with him. This policy raises the stakes on marriage equality by pointing out that it does not exist in the federal government. As more and more policy quietly points to the rationality of equality, marriage equality will inevitably be recognized as the obvious evolution of the state of equality in our nation, without any sort of politicizing necessary.

Send your thank you’s Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s way. The Washington Post points out that Clinton has been quietly making huge gains for LGBT folks on the federal level since 2009, when she announced that ALL partners of American diplomats would now be eligible for benefits received by their spouses. The rest of the federal government followed her thoughtful lead.

Change is happening all around us every single day, and it’s not hard to a envision a not too distant future where the fight for LGBT rights is no longer a fight, but a much deserved goal achieved.

Exciting news, boys and girls. Who’s happy to see the world changing so quickly?

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