Pat Robertson the 700 club
Pat Robertson the 700 club

Pat Robertson Wants ‘Filthy Things’ Done To Him Right Now

This Wednesday, Pat Robertson — the creepy, Christianist host of The 700 Club — prayed to cleanse a former lesbian of all the “filthy things” she’s done. Filthy, filthy things… so dirty.

His prayer sounded really porny, so we cut out all the fluff and got right to its (Jesus) heart with a bigot remix above. Now his testimony is much shorter and super honest! Add a musical track and we’d have a dance hit — praise the lord!

By the way, Roberston also thinks gays want to destroy freedom and force people into beastiality — cripes! He has a dirtier imagination than most of us!


  1. Unfortunately, you see this attitude all too often.  I doubt any real discipline will occur and those people can continue their offensive behavior.  

     —I hope you are right, but I don’t see it the way you do.  United is just going to shine it on, shake the corporate finger at those people and say, “Naughty, naughty, don’t do it again”.   Not really addressing the issue.  But maybe you are right.

  2. My partner and I flew on Continental/United from Seattle to New York last summer. 
    We had a decent trip, but couldn’t help but notice how rude the staff was to an older couple who barely spoke English. 

  3. When I read the story posted by the Advocate, it left some question as to whether the couple were actually Gold Members.  According to them, the incident started as basic, nondescript rudeness, but then escalated.  This is where the exchange seems to have began.  It’s not right, it’s not fair, but it’s only a word … it won’t leave a bruise.  It may hurt feelings, but in no way does it diminish a person’s character.  I’ve been called every gay epithet I can think of, but it doesn’t make me any less of a person.  

  4. When I read the story posted by the Advocate, it left some question as to whether the couple were actually Gold Members.  According to them, the incident started as basic, nondescript rudeness, but then escalated.  This is where the exchange seems to have began.  It’s not right, it’s not fair, but it’s only a word … it won’t leave a bruise.  It may hurt feelings, but in no way does it diminish a person’s character.  I’ve been called every gay epithet I can think of, but it doesn’t make me any less of a person.

  5. Agree with you to a point,but we all know this would be causing total hell if race or sex,female only,so if United corrects it,fine,but no employee acts this way unless it is somewhat condoned. I go through this all the time,work harder than any guy there,but I know how I am seen by many.Drew

  6. wow. Gosh Idiots!

  7. I’m not so sure it is fair to say that United treated this couple badly. The people working did and the one that issued the slur, well, it is obvious that he has personal issues to contend with. Personally, the blanket response from United seems fair. They said they will reach out to them and until it is reported otherwise, it is fair to believe that this will be resolved in a satisfactory manner.
    Another issue I have with this is that the conversation is summed up as “it got heated (paraphrase)” and what was said was probably relevant to what happened next. In no way am I justifying the rude behavior or the manager’s unproffesional attack, but the response appears to be a result of that ambiguous heated confrontation.
    I am hopeful that United does come through for this couple and that they take the appropriate actions in regard to the employees involved. For example, if the pregnant employee is to pregnant to help a customer then perhaps she is to pregnant to actually be earning a pay check.

  8. Grayson Baker Friend

    Though it may seem bad, the employees were following policy by not letting them in the lounge. As any frequent flyer knows, if you are Star Gold with United, Continental, or US Airways, you must be flying on an international flight to receive lounge access. This is how it has always been, as the American airlines like to sell lounge access, and if frequent flyers received it for free, they would lose a LOT of revenue. Obviously a couple of rogue employees may have handled it poorly, I myself am not a huge fan of flying through DEN, however, they were doing nothing wrong by not letting them in the lounge.

  9. oh hell no…   I would’ve gotten the names of each and every employee.   And kept talking to that manager.   If he had me removed by security, united would have had one HELL of a lawsuit on its hands…  I SOOOO would’ve pushed him to make good on his threat with a promise to bring that lawsuit and include him in the people being sued.   That guy isn’t serving customers, he has no idea what customer service is…  He shouldn’t have that job at all.   And obviously he doesn’t have ANY clue how many gay airline employees there are either.

  10. Um, no offense, but United didn’t do anything to their Twitter account. You simply listed the wrong link. They’re “@united:twitter.” not “unitedairlines.”

    And you’re not doing anyone any favors by not checking your facts before you throw out accusations like that. 

  11. Brian, 

    You’re absolutely right. I totally flubbed on the Twitter handle. Thanks for catching that. My apologies.

  12. I have to wonder why people escalate a conversation like that. They’re rude. Sometimes people are rude. When that person is your customer service representative, you don’t go “YOU’RE BEING RUDE” because guess what rude people do when you point out your rudeness – act more rude. And when you have five coworkers chatting like good friends, chances are they aren’t going to testify for YOUR side. If someone is rude, tell the manager/supervisor. If they don’t help, tell the person above them. If they don’t help, gauge the situation. If it’s important enough, go higher, if it’s not, just don’t shop there anymore. Send a letter to corporate if it bugs you so much but for God’s sake don’t make it worse for yourself by taking it up with the person being rude as if they will change because chances are they don’t even realize the behavior is wrong because it’s probably been reinforced by five customers before you.

  13. I will never fly with United again.

  14. As if this wasn’t reason enough to avoid United Airlines like the plague, look up “United Breaks Guitars” on YouTube. This isn’t United’s first run in with social media.

    I’d like to request that a link to the aforementioned YouTube video be added to the article, as I feel its relevant to the story.

  15. Remove the fact that they are gay for a minute and realize they were rude to the staff just as the staff was rude to them. Had they not been gay this wouldn’t have even made the news. And I doubt united is “full of it” they just don’t want to deal with these two loosers again.

  16. United is such a joke, I’ve had issues in the past with them as well (not related to this incident.) Their customer service is appalling.

  17. Seriously people? They were being rude to the couple BECAUSE they are gay. Had it been a heterosexual couple, they wouldve treated them normally.

  18. And what were the two gentlemen supposed to do? Sit there like two big pussies and allow them to be treated like second class citizens??? To some people that might be the right thing to do, but those people were treating them like garbage! Those employees deserved whatever attitude they received from that couple. I don’t know what article YOU read, but from what I read Michael and Billy did NOT walk up and act like assholes. They simply waited for help, received very little of it but got tons of attitude in return then were harassed by some prick who should’ve been more concerned with the fact that his employees just shit on two Gold Members. That might be okay and normal to you, but it isn’t to me and many other people. 

  19. that is awful

  20. And what, per se, would you sue for? Because nothing about this screams discrimination – not any discrimination that’s protected anyway (I know it’s hard because they blew the heterosexist slur out of proportion, but they didn’t attempt to remove them for being gay. They did it because they picked a fight with staff for being rude rather than just walk away).

  21. This is appalling at best. And saying that United had nothing to do with rude employees is akin to “loving the sinner and hating the sin.” Just a bassackward way of letting both the employees and the corporation off the hook. 

    Not sure this kind of treatment bodes will for the GALA Choruses conference in Denver next July. If United wants to really show their support, maybe they need to become a sponsor of the event!!

  22. An enormous company is expected to be responsible for the behavior of their tiniest employee? That’s ludicrous. Generally, the highest in the company don’t even oversee the hiring of supervisors anymore – the company is too large. They may “represent” United, but to take that and go “Now I can blame the whole company” is a cop out. It’s the entitled “everyone needs to be nice to me always and if I don’t it’s the entire world’s fault” mentality that I’m really getting tired of. If that’s the case, then why can I not blame Occupy on what a couple of violent participants did – I mean THEY REPRESENT OCCUPY or claim too, and Occupy gave the same “blanket statement”, and yet when people try to pull the same argument as you, Occupy cries foul.

  23. For all you know she could have no problems with gay people since she didn’t do anything homophobic – the manager did. Kind of.

  24. This was descrimination!  Even as a manager, he should have shown more professonalism towards gay or straight passengers which shows descrimination on his part. He acted immediately upon Hate and I personally will Never fly United Again! This Manager needs Terminated Immediately and the employees let go as well and classes on equality immediately. Such a Sad case in 2011!  I”m soo sorry guys!

  25. yes. they’re responsible!   If an employee is wearing a United uniform, the represent the company as a whole.  Regardless of what you may feel is fair, Ms Prig, that is the reality of the situation.   It would be interesting to how you’d respond if you were discriminated as a woman or a person of color or whatever your background may be – which, frankly, is irrelevant.  If the United employee, Rodney Hill, had called someone a nigger or a kike,  I’m sure your comments would be entirely different.   

  26. I kind of hope the pregnant service woman’s child turns out gay and proud…

  27. I’m sad to see that naivete is soo rampant in the world today.   Something tells me that Ms “Kind”ra is someone trying to justify her previous behaviour from a different situation.   She was probably too busy reading her Vogue to help someone and got in trouble for it.   

  28. Yeah! As a gay kiwi (New Zealander) Ive often found travelling in the States really hard and discriminatory when I’ve travelled with partners. Its got to the point now where we have to approach the hotel or airport check in desk or even a restaurant maitre d individually rather than as an obvious couple. Perhaps I havent been to the ‘best’ States yet 😉

  29. Well United has had Issues in the past with Gay employees They have Fired employees for being gay so I highly doubt they will fix this and the Customers that had to go thru this will not see or hear from them with out a lawsuit

  30. Well the manager and all employees represent United so I think its perfectly honest to blame United for this. Ultimately they are responsible for their employees behavior. This couple is well justified in blaming United.

  31. Well we don’t know that do we? And yes, I’ve seen people treated rudely because they are gay and for no other reason. It DOES happen.

  32. Unfortunately, I have to for this next round trip to Australia but I’ll never fly United again anywhere! Boycott for life.

  33. The reviews I’ve seen on them in the past few days have been horrendously bad. I wish to hell I didn’t have to fly them to Australia.

  34. That is so sad and unnecessary. I don’t know why people behave that way. Sorry you were treated so badly David. We’re not all stupid and rude like that, believe me. 🙁

  35. LOL me too!

  36. Because you know, when you tell someone to do something they will always do it. Anyone who honestly thinks companies don’t already shove the “Be nice to customers” down every workers throat in every company ever, is delusional.

  37. You know people have free will right? You can tell them to do whatever you want but they WON’T ALWAYS DO IT. I guarantee 99% of the training for United is “Be nice to the customer. If the customer kidnaps your child and kills your dog, you still have to be nice to them. If you find yourself unable to be nice to them, get someone else to be nice to them for you and expect a good lashing”. A lot of companies now even expect nothing but positive thoughts on your FACEBOOK.

    This is the act of a single person. That they happened to be working at the time doesn’t change that and it DOESN’T make the company responsible.

    Why on earth are you trying to frame this in that way? Is it because you want to be able to sue the entire company one day when a worker ignores you and you’re building your defense now?

    What does the fact that these men are gay have to do with anything? It doesn’t. I’m tired of Unicorn reporting generic local stories that have nothing to do with the LGBT community as a whole just because there happens to be a gay person involved. That isn’t gay news, and as I’ve said a thousand times now, it reinforces the anti-gay idea that we’re asking for “special rights”. The ONLY thing that happened here that has anything to do with their sexuality is the one slur at the very end. A slur which I’ve heard thrown at openly straight people, so I hardly count it.

    Occupy has everything to do with it – I was making a comparison to show you how wrong you are. Of course you wouldn’t get it, the fact that you end with “LOL TAKE YOUR MEDS” shows me you’re just another self-absorbed entitled tween who will find any legal loophole to make the world pay you the luxury life you don’t deserve.

  38. Sorry to disappoint, but the simple act of using derogatory words isn’t discrimination. It’s rude and hateful. If they were removed for being gay, it would be discrimination. But they ultimately weren’t removed, and they weren’t threatened with it for being gay.

    And you can’t sue for hurt feelings, and the day you can is the day I move to Canada because that’s pathetic.

  39. this sucks. my mom worked for continental and since united and continental airlines merged, she has been afraid that customer service will suffer as a result. united airlines is not very well known for their customer service. i guess she was right. that is not the way to treat a preferred gold account or even just the regular joe. so sorry this happened to them.

  40. I do. I don’t work for United (though your petty mind that seems to think everyone has to agree with you or they work for “the man”) but I have worked in customer service (KFC, worst year of my life). And I happen to know that customers can be jerks, and they can perceive the slightest change in tone as being “rude” and suddenly jump all over you and attack you and you can’t do a thing about it. And I have seen fellow co-workers get rude too. And in any situation, if someone is rude to you, and you INSTIGATE IT when you can easily WALK AWAY (they got their question answered – not like they were still awaiting information) then you are picking a fight. They should have walked away. Airports are huge. They weren’t stuck anywhere. Instead they stayed and instigated it.

    Also, they have no grounds for a lawsuit, as they were never removed, had nothing taken from them, an were not physically harmed. I’ll say again – you can’t sue for hurt feelings. If they are honestly so emotionally scared over a single shout of the word “f*ggot” – they’re grown men, seriously? Do you know how often I get called a ‘b*tch’ by people I don’t know? Or a d*ke? I laugh it off and get over it. These aren’t high school boys bullied on a daily basis by this man, they aren’t emotionally developing. They’re grown men. Who dealt with some rude customer service and a single slur. I’m pretty sure they’ll live.

  41. I’m sad to see blatant attempts at ganging up on people who disagree with you so rampant. But then it is the Internet.

    As well, I’ve worked in customer service in many forms since I was 16. And believe me, I’ve seen my share of rude customers but I certainly don’t see any news stories about that. If a customer called me a d*ke and I pulled the stunt these guys did, I would be fired and certainly not have a news story. And you and Miss Rebel (not much of a rebel since she’s so reliant on the government’s judiciary system) would be crying “WELL YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE BEEN RUDE”. I’m guessing you’ve never worked in a service industry before.

    Also, I like the assumption I read Vogue. The only magazine I read is GameInformer. UnicornBooty’s reader base sure has gone to the dumps – everyone is just sensationalist, insulting, whining pre-teens now who wouldn’t know a real problem (or solution for that matter) if it bit them in the face.

  42. Tell his manager. Obviously you’ve never worked in service – it’s a pyramid. Every manager has another manager until you get to the top of the company. In fact, that’s not even service – that’s life.

    No, I’d walk away, laugh it off, and tell me friends later about the stupid people I met that morning. Because y’know, I meet them every day in every aspect of life and if I started throwing a hissy fit every time I did I would scarcely have time for anything else.

    Of course you would – because you’re a drama queen who wants to start something on the off chance it gets bad enough you can sue for it. How else are you gonna pay your bills right?

    I find it more cowardly to face someone who’s mildly rude and go “WAAAH YOU’RE RUDE! I’M GOING TO SUE YOU”.

  43. Hint: People are more likely to complain than compliment, so there is always going to be an off ratio of opinions. The fact is, despite complaints, United is still running. And if you go into it negatively, it’s going to automatically be bad. That’s called confirmation bias. You will pick fights, you will nitpick the tiniest things, and then you’ll come back and go “I was right it was horrible” because your bias ignored the stewardess you gave you a free drink and the fact that everything despite your nitpicks was fine.

  44. Where did discrimination happen?

  45. I know this will surprise you, but you don’t sell your soul and free will when you join a company. You still have it. You still have the free will to DO WHAT YOU WANT.

    I could’ve swore Occupy was apolitical…you’re just trying to disregard it because it makes you a hypocrite. You’re the one trying to argue that you somehow lose free will the minute you put on a uniform, which is the most idiotic thing I have ever heard.

  46. “YOU’RE TRYING TO MAKE YOURSELF LOOK SMART”. Keep saying that – it makes the hypocrisy of telling me I’M repeating myself more delicious.

    Also, I’ve only mentioned Occupy in that one conversation, I think you’re confused.

    No, I’m not understanding when people whine and cry about getting called a name. Maybe it’s because I was bullied for no reason at all for the majority of my teenage life and now, as an adult, think those people need to grow up because they don’t know what real bullying is.

    And as usual, drama queens like you can’t separate someone who disagrees with the reaction with someone who’s agreeing with what started it.

    And I would think as a gay person you wouldn’t be so rude. You are a picture of an anti-gay troll sweet heart – calling me stupid, and mentally ill, and weak. You should go work for the American Family Association, your rhetoric would be appreciated. I’m not weak, that’s the point. I’m not effected by a stupid word. I don’t go suing over hurt feelings. You do. That is what cowards do. They sue and whine and cry and then pretend that they’re “standing up for themselves”. When really all they’re doing is turning themselves into a spectacle, because they crave any attention. Even negative.

    Maybe you could get a part on Jersey Shore?

  47. She obviously could not be bothered by them during her magazine reading….bad customer service…period!!!  The manager obviously does not know how to deal with people tactfully  period,,,so epic fail by both!!! FIRE THEM!!!!

  48. The company has guide lines on how to deal with people they obviously did not behave under company rules and guidelines therefore the company is responsible for their employees behavior! If one of my employees treated  a customer like that who do you think they are going to go to???… The upper management and corporation DUH!!!

  49. Kindra, You are wrong and you know it, unless you know these people involved, they never said they were looking for them to pay for a life of luxury you must hate gay people like the manager. If was an old lady I think your view might be different!


  51. So I’m wrong but she’s dead right that I have a mental disorder? You’re not mad about that. You’re mad that you disagree with me – otherwise you’d be getting onto her for insulting me.

  52. Another hypocrite. I can’t make generalized assumptions about her but you can make direct statements about my work – digging yourself a hole much?

  53. OKay Kendra come into my restaurant I will let my staff treat you badly, and my manager call you names and you will just walk away, and just laugh it off????????????? I think not!

  54. Yeah, won’t pay my bill either.

  55. Yes, the company is in my opinion expected to be responsible for the behavior of its tiniest employee. In this case the attendants at desk were rude and the manager was even more rude. If there were a lawsuit, they would not sue the employees! They sue the COMPANY because these employees were acting in the companies interest and they represent the company itself. The company is liable according to the law if one of their employees do something that they can be sued for. Apparently, United does not train them well nor do they care how their customers are treated as they didn’t even bother responding to these people. If these men wanted to sue on discrimination grounds what do you think, they’re gonna direct the lawsuit to the ‘tiniest employee’ as defendant? NO! They would sue the company and if you look at cases where employees have screwed up in the past in various industries, the company itself is named as defendant as they are ultimately responsible for the people they hire and train to represent their company. Whats occupy got to do with two gay men who were treated badly by airline company representatives? Occupy has nothing to do with this situation and to be honest, We’re talking about a company here, not the whole world. I’m quite sure these men don’t go around suing people cause they look at them wrong. Your statement to that effect is completely ridiculous. How long have you been working for United now, lol? I’m with Florida down there! Now please, take your meds and stop talking in circles.

  56. Well said Florida!

  57. I don’t call sticking up for oneself to rude employees picking a fight! The behavior of the employees at the desk and the Manager’s behavior is unacceptable whether it happened to be for discrimination or not. Its out of order for any customer to be treated that way but if these men sue, there’s a very good chance of winning or a settlement. That will be for the courts to decide but these men have grounds to go for a lawsuit. Its up to the plaintiff to prove their case in civil court and that wont be too difficult.

  58. I agree. There is NO excuse for his behavior and the desk employees either. I have to fly United in a couple of days unfortunately but since finding this out, I’ll never fly them again no matter what. If I could get a refund and go to another airline, I would.

  59. Lol, good one, Florida!

  60. Duh! They did tell the manager and he was even more rude than they were! So you’d just sit there and take it? Well, some people refuse to lay down and be a doormat. Works for you I guess, lol. I’d damn sure tell them they were being rude too and I’d stand up for myself. No way in hell I’d just stand there like a sniveling little coward crying to see a manager. I’d let them know what I thought of their rudeness and then I’d call the manager.

  61. so, personal responsibility is shrouded by corperate responsibility? That’s awesome… this gives homophobic people a chance to be homophobic publicly! Get a job and verbally bash someone and wallah… because you work for a company, that company takes the fall! It’s totally win-lose!
    I say screw that! Yes, the company has some stake in the matter but, as I mentioned, until otherwise is revealed, they have taken steps in the right direction in regard to resolving and correcting this situation. Everyone is so quick to jump all over the company and in the process, ignore the transgressor. What he did is wrong! Personal accountability HAS to be enforced!
    I find it interesting that a bigger entity is held responsible for a smaller entity within itself… kind of like, oh I dunno… Perez Hilton being held as an example of what ALL gay men are like.  

  62. Oh they can sue the individual as well but how far ya gonna get getting blood out of a turnip? I would sue the company and I imagine the company would fire the employee. Two birds with one stone. They are ALL responsible for what happened. Now if there were a license that could revoked or something on the employees I would petition for that as well. But yeah, go on to an Attorney and suggest that he sue the employees on your behalf for however many millions or what have you and then don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out the door after the Attorney laughs in your face.

  63. Also, the company should have made it clear to the employees that they are NOT to verbally bash customers, wouldn’t you think? Guess they didn’t get the message that day they taught verbally bashing customers 101. So yes, all well and good. I think suing the company and the ultimate firing is a damned good way of making all accountable.

  64. United reputation is horrendously bad these days so they are NOT doing something they should be doing which is the same to me as condoning bad employee behavior. I agree with you.

  65. Absolutely shameful!!! One of the reasons I dont fly! UUUGGGHHH! Take them to court and see how far there homophobia gets them then! Stand tall!!! The Peanut Gallery

  66. They have a lawsuit just from the employee calling them a homosexual slur which is discrimination. As to picking a fight they where defending themselves against homosexual discrimination as well as staff that was being hostile towards them. There is noway to blow the slur out of proportion because it should not have happened in the 1st place people are people and all deserve equal treatment no matter what sexual preference These employees should be terminated by the airport and It DOES scream discrimination with just that one slur as well as a hate crime if he had attacked either one of the men Mr King and all other employees should be fired. If it was a racial slur instead of a homophobic slur there would have been all heck raised and a lawsuit slapped so fast that heads would spin any slur that is spat at someone is grounds for a lawsuit no matter if it is racial or based on sexual preference. As long as they have proof of the matter at hand these two men have a good lawsuit and a change to make a point that homophobia is not OK Places of business can not discriminate based on Sex Race Gender or Sexual Orientation

  67. Yes and yes.  And most definitely.  The manager of the club lounge is a legal agent of United Airlines.  UA assumes both, direct and vicarious liability for the conduct of its employees.  To begin with, the UA representative violated Chapter 28, Article IV of the Denver Municipal Code (legal owner and entity which exercises primary jurisdiction for the airport) which makes it illegal under civil penalties to discriminate and this includes sexual orientation. On his own, the agent should be liable upon a service of process and made destitute, besides being levied fines and imprisonment and being sued under the auspices of gross negligence.  Part of the law suit should stipulate that his parent organization, United Airlines, should under no circumstances be allowed to defend him in court.  United Airlines, as the liable corporation, should immediately discharge the employee and indemnize the couple handsomely.  Second of all, United is also, legally and financially responsible for legal claims arising under the law.  

  68. Well they must not be getting the message then cause United Airlines has a lot of bad reviews and nearly every one of them mentions rude employees. So if they are shoving ‘be nice’ down there throats, its not very hard. Reason I researched them in the first place is because I have to fly them to another country and I was really, really shocked with what I found. I have to be on a United flight for 14 hours and I am certainly not looking forward to it. I’d cancel but its nonrefundable and I didn’t book the flight. My boyfriend did. He’s an Aussie and has no idea how much United sucks. I’ve also got friends that are flight attendants that’s confirmed the stories. And where do you get delusional from. Did you get your degree in psychology at Kmart or what?

  69. Actually the free will thing does not apply. United nor any employer tells the employees if its your will to make us look bad and be rude to customers. The employees do not have free will. The companies will is their will as long as they’re on duty. As far as occupy goes, it has nothing to do with it. Politics have nothing to do with the way United employees treat their customers. That thinking is DELUSIONAL. You’re just trying to find a way to make this a political issue so you’ll feel smart. Well, you talk in circles for one thing and relate things to other things that have nothing to do with each other. So yes, take your meds, have a cookie and take a nap.

  70. Oh and we can do without the dissertation. You’re repeating yourself and trying to make yourself look smart. Don’t think its gonna work. We already know you’re a frustrated Bipolar MENSA reject. If you want to interject politics and this occupy bulls h i t, at least find a more fitting subject that is along those lines and not a thread on bad customer service toward gay people. I WOULD THINK WITH YOU’RE BEING GAY AND ALL, YOU’D BE ABLE TO RELATE TO THESE POOR MEN instead of kissing United Airline’s a s s and taking up for them when many are boycotting them over this. Oh, and I’m sure you make an excellent door mat. Every rude employees wet dream.

  71. …am I missing something?  Thank you for reporting this really sad and disgusting story, but it would be really great if perhaps you supplied us with a place to write United Airlines, let them know we’ve seen the story, and voice our discontent with their employee and the way they handled it.  Just a suggestion.

  72. Hey look, another person who rather than logically think opinions are diverse and varied, goes with “Nope, everyone who disagrees with me is a troll or getting paid off. I AM THE ONLY PERSON WHO MATTERS!”

    You know, for an LGBT site, you guys sure are afraid of diversity.

  73. Hmmmm… there are two sides to every story … 

  74. “Waaaah! You’re making fun of me! My feelings are hurt! I’m going to sue you!”

    You know it’s odd how there are so many people here crying about what this manager did but they have no problems insulting others so long as they disagree. Shameful.

  75. That had nothing to do with what I posted at all. Was it a case of “Oh no she poked a hole in my rampant attempt to make an enemy out of everyone – quick convert to plan B”?

  76. It seems like Kindra has had a great deal of free time today….and hasn’t taken her medication properly

  77. He was on the clock, representing the corporation. If he were off the clock when it happened it wouldn’t be  United’s fault. Understand?

  78. With security being what it is…airlines and airports will toss anyone out if they so much as raise their voice…that is one angle. I also wonder if the counter employees assumed these guys were gay and decided to treat them like crap…probably would be just as nasty to two male friends, brothers…whatever. Being bashed sucks no matter what. I hope those employees get reprimanded for being lazy, stupid, bigoted and presumptouous. Lots of people looking for work out there./

  79. Don’t feed the troll. And Miss Pring is _definitely_ a troll. (Not to mention a corporate apologist.)

  80. Don’t feed the troll. And Miss Pring is _definitely_ a troll. (Not to mention a corporate apologist.)

  81. Don’t feed the troll. And Miss Pring is _definitely_ a troll. (Not to mention a corporate apologist.)

  82. Don’t feed the troll. And Miss Pring is _definitely_ a troll. (Not to mention a corporate apologist.)

  83. Don’t feed the troll. And Miss Pring is _definitely_ a troll. (Not to mention a corporate apologist.)

  84. Oh Ricky, people like you have made my life and many an extremely insightful one.. But I really just wanted to let cha in on a little something…. all that wasted ignorance coming from your being, in turn, EDUCATES others on how disgusting, those who think like you, really are. Thanks sweetheart!!  xxoo

  85. Having flewn as an airline employee for at least 20 plus years on United, my husband and I have had many experiences with uncooperative staff but have never been called any names.  However, just because that never happened to us  doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen to you.  If that indeed happened to you both, as a professional Flight Attendant, I can tell you there is absolutely NO excuse for that behavior.  Moreover, being called a discriminating name should not ever be tolerated and should have even more severe consequences.  
     It is very unfortunate, but we employee commuters have had to learn how to be very cooperative and patient.  I must also add that through all of those years most of the United employees are very supportive.  Having said that, whether an airline employee “pass riding” or a  full paying passenger, employees of any company  must always act professionally with respect to any customer.  If not, there should be consequenses.  Also, as a flight attendant, having had too numerous to remember, negative experiences with passangers and employees, I would have handled this situation a bit differntly.  
     I would have quietly walked away and went directly to security and asked to speak with a supervisor for assistance.  If Rodney Hill had followed you, all the better as he would have been shocked that you had just outsmarted him!   I would have calmly explained  to security just what had transpired, and asked them to help you get your questions answered.  Security would have had to deal with the situation in a professional manner.  They would have had to get your questions answered and  have to file a report.  Therefore they would have had to get  everyone’s names, thereby forceing United to follow up with an investigation in their employees’ manner in which they dealt with their United passangers, you both.
    I sincerely hope this is helpfull to you two and hope that you will continue to fly as there are plently of us out here that would be perfectly happy to help you.
    Good luck and keep us informed.

  86. Miss Pring is making good points, how is that a troll? Because you do not agree with her she is a troll? Grow up.

  87. I think all the employes that where involved should be fired by their gay superiors!

  88. I will never fly with this company; this is completely inappropriate. The consequences of their actions should be severe. For a country that doesn’t have many jobs to offer, they are certainly tempting fate, aren’t they? These workers represent this company by wearing their uniform and thus, they are the company. If the company disagrees with this, they should fire them and hire people who understand what “customer service” means.

  89. KIND OF??????  

  90. Businesses are made up of employees , according to your thinking every single employee , investor and subcontractor involved with United could have insulted these men and United STILL would not have insulted them. On a similar note Corporations are also not individuals separate from the people that own them,. 

    As to the form letter,these are ground out by computers and represent actual interest by no one. If United is anything like companies ( and one airline in particular )I have had to deal with in the past they will send out dozens of these letters in reply to your every attempt to find satisfaction. To get actual results  it is smarter to lodge your complaint simultaneously with the company and any agencies that over sees them. Let the company know this and give them a reasonable time frame to get back to you, also let them know you plan to pursue legal remedies if no action is taken.
    Also releasing this information to the press is not a bad idea if all else fails

  91. I guess you haven’t seen the thousands of commercials for rental cars, banks , and YES airlines that go : ” My name is Bridget and I am the face of (fill in the blank)” Also just so you know employees are the legal agents of the companies that empower them to work on their behalf. You can also legally take action against an individual employee but that would not mitigate the responsibilities of the employer

  92. ok boys, this is bull shit! the acts of one man are not the company, or even the costomer service agents are not the company! the company you are calling homophobic has a high number of gay and lesbian employees, and they are treated equally. my partner is a manager for united, the company, and the company was one of the first to offer domestic partner benifits and it is one of the only companies that I know where you can work out and have it not interfer with your advancement. I am sorry the boys had a bad experience, and I have come close to punching someone who called me a fag, but lets face it RH and the other agents are the ones at fault not United, a company that has succeeded at being openly gay and supportive to all opposition from the outside! I know that United will contact the gentelmen and do there best to resolve these issues… mitchel lee joslin

  93. I am gay and also happen to work within the airline industry as a Flight Attendant, (not for United).  A large percentage of LGBT people work within the industry, especially gay men.  The airline industry provides a climate that is extremely open and accepting of LGBT people.   That said, I cannot believe that United Airlines would tolerate discrimination by one of their employees in any fashion.  I believe they took the correct action by stating their policy, initiating an investigation, and saying they will reach out to the couple…I believe they will reach out to this couple.

    Upon investigation, If true, this statement by the manager is totally and completely unacceptable, and I have faith United will deal appropriately with this employee.  If these allegations are found true, I strongly suspect they will discharge him.  But they do have a responsibility to investigate the matter, first, which they have said they are doing.

    As someone who works within the industry, I can tell you that I occasionally witness some extremely bad behavior from passengers, and I am not alone in this.  I have also seen angry passengers make up wild stories when something does not work out their way.  None of us were present when this allegedly happened, so we don’t factually know what happened.  Give United a chance to investigate this matter, and gather all the facts.  Once all the facts are in I have complete confidence United will deal with this appropriately.


  94. Only because he said “f*ggot” when I’ve heard very openly gay people use the word as well – it can be used in a non-homophobic manner (if you haven’t noticed, language is a funny thing that way).

  95. Boycott United!!!!  If all members of the Queer community and allies boycotted United I think you would very quickly see a responce frome the company!!!!  Yes people have personal responsibility but when you are working for a company you are “the company”.  You are representing the company and therefore the company is responsible for your actions to some degree.  The company needs to take steps to correct the wrong doing.  United should of immediatly contacted the couple when they recieved the complaint and UB is stating they have not as of yet.  Based on the guys statement on the news clip, it seems the group of employees were mocking them because they were gay and did not want to serve them because they were gay.  This is inappropiate!  It is bad customer service and discriminatory.  We are first class citizens like everyone else and should never need to take a “back seat” because of who we are!

  96. Another person who will make fun of me without noting the other people actively stalking every post I make and repeating comments (such as Mr. “You disagree with me therefore you’re a troll”). That’s called hypocrisy my friend. It appears to be very rampant on this particular article.

  97. Still rude. Still not discrimination.

  98. and if the customer were black and he said “what n***er”? 

  99.  Get over it. No big deal.

  100. Yeah, this doesn’t stand a chance in court. Taking the airline to court just for something that one person said? Get a life.

  101. This is very true also.  I’m not calling the couple liars or anything, but each side generally has the tendency to blow things out of proportion in favor of their side, even if that’s not their intention.  I’d really love to hear the other side of the story, and see if there’s a middle ground to where it’s possibly more accurate.

  102. You have no reason to boycott United.

  103.  What are you going to do if it is straight?

  104. No it’s not.  The employees if at fault are fully punishable.  The company itself shouldn’t be.  The company didn’t even hire those employees or that manager.  That manager’s manager hired him, and that manager probably hired those employees.  If anything, that branch (really, if anything, those employees, that manager, and that manager’s manager) should be held accountable, but not the ENTIRE United Airlines corporation itself.

  105. From what you’re reading though, you’re only hearing their side of the matter.  The thing with people is that they can say they were the nicest people there, when in fact they could have been hurling out insults and yelling at the people for not getting what they want.

    Don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying that’s actually what transpired, as I don’t know the couple personally to make such a judgment, but it’s not impossible in the slightest.

  106. Why?  She’s absolutely correct in her statement.  If a kid throws a rock at you, you don’t point at him and say “You just threw a rock at me!”  you go and tell a teacher.  This is a very similar situation.  If the girl was rude to these two guys, they should have immediately just told the manager instead of telling the girl that she was being rude.  And if the same thing happened with the manager that did after the escalation, then go higher up!  As Kindra did mention, the chain of command goes much higher than that one manager.

  107. No.  We don’t know that they were being rude BECAUSE the couple was gay.  The manager?  Maybe! Who knows?  He could have just been a jerk that pushed his bad attitude towards everyone.  Again, we don’t even know the entire story, just the couple’s side.  For all we know, the whole gay slur could have not even happened.

  108. A word like that only has power when people who hear it fear it.  

    In the end though, it’s just a word.  A meaningless word.

  109. No offense, but boycotting an airline for something you don’t even know the entire story to is like those crazy fans who talk about boycotting Capcom just because they’re not getting that Megaman Legends 3 game.

    It’s complete idiocy.  If you’re going to boycott something, do it because you know ALL of the facts from BOTH sides.

  110. It speaks volumes to the world we live in that one of the United 93 passengers to storm the cockpit on 9/11 was a gay man, and then ten years later that same airline is treating their passengers who are gay like second-class citizens. 

  111. I find this story pretty one-sided and hard to believe.. I cannot believe with all of the security cameras around that 4 people would behave like that.  It would be interesting to see the security video – to see if the woman was actually reading a magazine, and if everything happened the way these “perfect” passengers vaguely described.

  112. GOD save the Gold card members!

  113. At the moment this incident occurred “the workers” were United Airlines, so yes it should fall on United Airlines to take responsibility for the incident.  “The” word is used in different context by both gay and straight people, but clearly here there was a meaning behind it and I wonder if it had been the “N” word and the United Airlines employee were white how fast would United Airlines have moved to settle this issue and apologize to the passengers!!!   LOOKS LIKE NO MORE FLYING “UNITED”!!!!!!!!!!

  114. Boycott the Airline – Hit them where it hurts.

  115. No. I don’t understand how you can blame United (and by your logic every other manager of United since they’re all representing it too) over the actions of one person. I don’t care if he was on the clock. Personal responsibility.

  116. Because, of course, personal exchanges are EXACTLY the same as exchanges between people PAYING FOR A SERVICE. Do you never tire of being wrong?

  117. People are “jumping all over the company” to do the right thing & distance itself from the perpetrators. Until that happens, the company *is* going to be tarred w/the same brush.


  119. Geezus, your are sooo stoopid, TROLOLOLOL

  120.  Its not the fact that disagreeing makes you a troll, its the fact that on this entire page, you have done nothing but argue. Just seems like you get off on this shit. Trololololol.

  121. Yes service is a pyramid, but if you tell someone’s upper management, shit is going to happen. It doesnt just keep going up until it vanishes. And what if I started a petition against fat ugly girls? And they were discriminated completely? Would you be okay with that? You would just laugh it off to your friends? Now what if I imprisoned and started executing all of you? Would that be something to joke about? This happens to gay and lesbian people everywhere.
    We fight it in any way we can.

  122. So many of you aren’t really understanding, someone in a professional environment needs to keep their cool. Could you imagine if a teacher lost his cool with a student who was having problems with their work and started calling them “retard” and etc? Same concept. Now, United itself is not to blame so much as the manager, but they need to take action.
    As for lawsuits, I’d wait to hear if he does get fired or not, if he does, drop it, if not, sue the shit out of them :]

  123. wow that is amazing I hope a couple decides to sue United airlines.

  124. we need a pro people airline that looks at sexual parts, look at the people and the money not the dick

  125. What on earth is “wallah”?

  126. Each employee IS the company. If not, then who should issue their paychecks? At the time you step to the counter, I don’t care if there are 500,000 employees with that company, at that moment, in that place, that employee “IS” the company, and companies should treat it as that. So please, stop trying to “slice and dice” responsibility. If the company hired them, trained them, scheduled them, and gave them the uniform to put on, and are acting on behalf of the company, then “who are they”? The company is welcome to “clean up” the bad behaviour, but act like it is important. “United” in the form of whomever is sitting behind the counter – pregnant or not, magazine reading or not, passing the buck on helping customers or not, is “there” and “present”. Otherwise, close the counter, shut down shop, close the offices, and go out of business. THEN, and only “then” is “United” is NOT responsible for the actions of its employees.

  127. Kindra, then please, let United go out of business, and that act alone will allow them to NOT be responsible for the “tiny employee”. Go the way of Braniff, Eastern, and PanAm. See? No more picking on the “enormous company”. “Occupy” that!

  128. “Personal responsibility” of those newly “minted” people, “Corporations”. Oh, that only applies to “flesh and blood”?

  129. It is sad to see in this day and age of fighting for tolerance and acceptance for our right to live our lives, as guaranteed under the Constitution, that there is so much intolerance within the LGBT community towards each other.  We are our own worst enemies in the fight for equality.

    That being said, Kindra, I am not attacking you when I say the following:

    Discrimination comes in many ways: racial, sexual, religious, etc.  It is expressed physically, emotionally, and verbally, among others.
    Whether discrimination based on sexual orientation is not a “protected” class under Federal Law, many states and municipal governments have seen the light and have included it, usually under hate crimes, and yes, shouting “f@ggots” at someone, in anger, constitutes a hate crime in these municipalities, as evidenced in Louis’s citation of the Denver Municipal Code, which is public knowledge, and you are free to verify it. 

    Just because you don’t agree with the definition of the law, doesn’t make it any less enforceable. 

     How many gay teen suicides have started with the word “f@ggot”? Most likely, all of them.  Before you take this line of reasoning out of context, which is something I have noticed happens a lot, I am simply illustrating the power of a single word when used inappropriately.

    As for personal responsibility versus corporate responsibility, they both apply in this case.  A corporation is always responsible for the conduct of their employees while they are on the clock.  If not, why else would a company waste time creating a Code of Conduct?  An employees on the clock, especially, one in a supervisory or management position, becomes a legal agent of the company, and therefore must be held accountable, both on a personal and corporate level.

    Again, just because you may not personally agree with this line of reasoning, it doesn’t make it any less valid under corporate law.

  130. I am sorry, but this story doesnt work for me…… I find it hard to believe that this many people were totally uninterested in these two. I would really like to hear the other side before rendering my final judgement……  

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