Sir Patrick Stewart Thought He Was Circumcised, But He Wasn’t (Video)

Sir Patrick Stewart Thought He Was Circumcised, But He Wasn’t (Video)

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On Graham Norton’s show, Sir Patrick Stewart told a hilarious story about the day he figured out his penis was not circumcised.

In a chat with Norton and Hugh Jackman, the Shakespearean actor said that his wife was the one to break the news.

Stewart thought he was circumcised because his mother told him so. But when he mentioned the matter to his wife, she diagreed.

Stewart said,” That’s ridiculous! I should know if I’m circumcised! Of course I am! End of conversation!”

The next day, Stewart saw his doctor for a routine physical, who confirmed his wife’s position with a single word: “not.” The physician added, “I’m Jewish. I know the difference.”

We have so many questions. How did Stewart go through his entire long, accomplished life without knowing he was uncircumcised? Does he not know the difference between a circumcised penis and an uncircumcised one? Has he never seen his own dick?

Stewart may be a brilliant actor, an accomplished women’s rights activist, a phenomenal Starfleet commander and an all-around great guy, but when it comes to foreskin, he’s utterly clueless.


(Header image via Gage Skidmore)

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