New YouTube Series ‘Peep This’ Aims to Provide Strength and Support for Queer Men of Color

New YouTube Series ‘Peep This’ Aims to Provide Strength and Support for Queer Men of Color

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The journey to self-acceptance for queer men of color can be challenging. It requires thoughtful examination and engaging conversation. But thankfully, Jai Makokah is there. He’s a compelling interview who discusses a variety of topics important to queer men of color. And Hornet is very excited to partner with him on his Peep This series.

Peep This provides an opportunity for queer men of color to lead the conversation. A range of topics will be explored, from gay male friendships to eating disorders, HIV and, of course, sex.

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This video series demonstrates the complexities of cultivating multiple and intersecting identities in a hostile environment. For centuries, structures have maintained the notion that only white lives have value, that white is the supreme beauty standard, that all others are inferior. It’s a revolutionary act to fully accept yourself in a world that tells you that you are less than.

To believe in yourself and to give no fucks isn’t usually an easy task, particularly in a country that has criminalized us and disempowered us. Our current sitting president launched his campaign with a racist attack on Mexicans. During his presidency he has sympathized with white supremacists and has launched attacks on LGBT people, communities of color, women and Muslims. With this as our backdrop, every step we take can be an act of resistance.

But it’s not all about resistance — resistance can get exhausting. Friendships among queer men of color are profoundly valuable. Jai and this video series are able to do something unique by demonstrating relationships as people engage in conversation. Some friendships are newly formed, some have lasted a long time — but each provides strength and support. It’s a reminder of how important community and relationships are as we endeavor to fully accept and understand who we are.

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