Homophobic VP Mike Pence Is ‘Proud’ of His Hometown’s First Pride Parade, But We’d Rather He STFU

Homophobic VP Mike Pence Is ‘Proud’ of His Hometown’s First Pride Parade, But We’d Rather He STFU

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Erin Bailey is a high school student in Columbus, Indiana, which also happens to be Vice President Mike Pence’s hometown. She is planning the city’s inaugural LGBT Pride event for her senior year project. Bailey hopes the April 14th event will send a message of inclusiveness from the hometown of Pence, who has a long record of being on the opposite side of issues important to the LGBT community.

“Most people would think that all of us here are also anti-LGBT,” said Bailey. “But there are plenty of us who very much support the LGBT community and are members of the community.”

Pence has actually responded to Bailey’s pride planning, commending her for her efforts. “Vice President Pence applauded Erin Bailey for her activism and engagement in the civic process,” Rep. Alyssa Farah said in a statement. “As a proud Hoosier and Columbus native, he’s heartened to see young people from his hometown getting involved in the political process.”

Columbus, Indiana

First off, how is hosting an LGBT pride event part of the political process? This tells us that Pence finds LGBT social issues a bigger part of politics than they should actually be, as LGBT rights are simply human rights. Those rights shouldn’t be labeled red or blue.

Second, Pence really needs to STFU because what he’s saying to the press and doing behind closed doors isn’t matching up. He is obviously using this moment as an opportunity to position himself in a favorable way when behind closed doors, he’s working against our community like helping draft the latest update to Trump’s ban on transgender military troops.

It seems like Pence isn’t man enough to actually be upfront and honest about his opinions of the LGBT community. He’s giving lip service to the press and then doing the devil’s work behind the scenes.

Erin Bailey

Most of the reactions Bailey has received have been positive. But for those who have pushed back on the need for an LGBT pride festival in her community, she simply responds: “A beautiful city hosting a beautiful fun event – sounds like great news to me.”

We couldn’t agree more.

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